Introducing a new LIMITED-TIME Offer! by Adamios

I saw these picture frames while out in town and came up with this idea.

Coloured, framed pictures! This one is just an example as its much smaller than the other ones I have at hand.

And these are the ones that are available, minus the tiny one. Unless someone absolutely wants it!

If you'd like one of these they're 40$ each (32$ for the tiny one, again, if someone absolutely wants it). Fully coloured, waist up with single coloured background. (Could potentially add a few things in the background but the focus is the framed character.)
These will also be shipped to your home. The cost for these more than cover it! I will also scan the original image before shipping it. Optionally, if you're very kind, a tip would be loved. <3

Please fill out this form:
Background Colour (or if you want it slightly more detailed):

Once you've filled out the form and you've claimed a picture frame I will ask you to send me your paypal address for invoicing as well as your home address for shipping. Will be working on these throughout the week and have them shipped about a week after completion.

Tiny Frame: -open-
Pale Frame: -open-
Brown Frame: -open-
Yellow Frame: -open-
Purple Frame: -open-
Green Frame: -open-

If these turn out to be a hit I will procure more of these frames!

Introducing a new LIMITED-TIME Offer!


28 May 2017 at 14:53:36 MDT

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