Art Commissions, Ko-fi and Patreon by impulsive-doodles

Making a updated journal and such for now.
Currently life is just having its rough times and meh times irl when it comes to money. Currently heading back to the rough point of it all. So am in need of any help if possible.

Options as of right now are doing art commissions, which are open fyi and info can be found here:

Buy me a coffee aka donating to me:

Or supporting me on Patreon every month, where even a dollar can get ya a half body sketch from me. I also do voice acting too so maybe that might interest ya more if my art isn't your favorite thing about me rn:

Other things I'm going to possibly have happening too is that I'm going to try selling some stuff on redbubble soon(example stickers for now). As well, will maybe be making some oc adoptables to sell on DA soon. So be on the look out for them if you are interested in them. Will be sure to make a notice about them all if they ever happen.

That's pretty much it for now, thanks for your time.

Art Commissions, Ko-fi and Patreon


15 May 2017 at 09:15:03 MDT

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