Moving my stream to Twitch by Zaezar

Hello everyone! It feels like I have been so inactive online. Really though I have been very active behind the scenes this last week or so with my stream and other IRL things. You may have even noticed that Descendent didn't upload on Wednesday. I am really sorry about that one. I am even a little suspicious that I may even miss this week's update as well, but I am trying my best to get this all done asap and get back to my regular schedule!

Now, on to what the heck this journal is about. I have been streaming on Tigerdile for well over a year now and I love them to death. But starting on Tuesday (5/16/17) onward I will be streaming on Twitch instead. I will be going through and updating links and such to reflect this after my last Tigerdile stream on Sunday.

If you want to follow me right away on Twitch, you can check it out right here: I still have a bit more work to do at the time of writing this. But its all functional. Expect some tweaking, rewording, and prettifying to come soon though.

And I just want to take this last bit to day how awesome Tigerdile is for artists. Don't take me leaving it as any sign they aren't awesome. I mean, I used if for nearly two years! The mods and admins over there have been nothing but helpful and kind. And their systems are really easy to use and set up. I would absolutely suggest it for furry artists who are a bit nervous to stream yet want to try it seriously <3

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you have a wonderful day today. Its been raining heavily all day today and its been AWESOME.

Moving my stream to Twitch


11 May 2017 at 18:51:32 MDT

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