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Greetings, all! Just wanted to toss up a quick update for everyone!

-Settled In, Ocean EVERYWHERE
-Personal Art is Happening!
-Big Project, Followed by Commissions!
-Social Media & Verified Accounts Reminder (LINK)
*Discussion Topic - Partials or Fullsuits???

-Settled In, Ocean EVERYWHERE

So far so good, as deployment can get! I've actually moved around quite a bit since my last Journal Update, and the latest has been the greatest change yet - OCEAN, as far as the eye can see! Don't get me wrong, the climate is still arid - and still heating up as the days go by - but the blue is a lovely change to the sepia-filter I was seeing everything through for a while, haha.

Things are going well and I can say that I'm settled in to our flight ops! Still quite dynamic, as aviation life is a constantly moving beast, but I'm definitely getting in my 'deployment rhythm' as fellow servicemembers have told me I'll eventually find.

My sleep schedule is totally inhuman, heh, but besides that, I'm also happily surprised I've been eating way healthier on deployment than on home cycle! The constant presence of greens and fresh fruit in the galley definitely has me grabbing for that quicker than the bags of chips and other snacks around the spaces. I'm feeling energized, and my dancing bones are aaaaching to boogy! Haha! Every time I listen to good music, it's a battle to sit still, hehe!

-Personal Art is Happening!

If you haven't been able to tell, personal art has been haaaappening! It feels great to get some personal projects done! I've already finished up several sketches that had been patiently awaiting to be finished for ages, and also tackled and finished some newer projects that itched in my brain!

I joke around that this may finally be the summer in which I'll finish Ref Sheets for all my OCs. That goal wouldn't seem so lofty if I just would stop making new characters, haha!
THAT being said, several Refs of my OCs are already sketched up and in progress! Since Refs are big endeavors, I have been taking them a bit slower and working on hashing out smaller pieces and character designs, as well as doing up examples of my latest Commission type I'll be offering, Tailcons!

On top of art, I've been really getting more into my video editing! I'm trying to reach myself the ins and outs of some programs to really make my Fursuit Dance videos shine, (and some not be so dark!) It's a slowish process due to my schedule and also these programs being beasts in and of themselves, but I'm looking forward to learning some special effects that will make upcoming videos 'POP!'

-Big Project, Followed by Commissions!

Currently, I'm working on a large-scale, long-term project for a fellow friend in the Navy! This piece is actually taking priority over a few of my own large-scale Ref Sheets and Epic Scenes, and this is the reason I haven't yet opened for small batches of Commissions or posted any YCHs! This piece is set-in-stone, WIP-wise, and 100% paid for, hence it having more than its foot in the door!

However! Once that piece is finished, I'll definitely be opening for COMMISSIONS again! I'm excited to get back into the swing of working on y'all's awesome characters!

Again, however! Priority one will still be my deployment commitments, and two is personal art! This means that, Commissions I open for will be on a small scale, i.e; Batches of a few small pieces, (Sketches, Icons,) or one or two big pieces, (one or two Full-Body pieces, one Epic Scene, etc.) This is to ensure that I don't take on too large queues, and keep y'all's wait time to an absolute minimum!

My goal is to have this large project done by the end of May, and post my first YCH of deployment shortly thereafter! Don't worry - I'll still be working on smaller personal pieces in between longer chunks of time when I can hit the ground running with this big project, so there will be lots of content in the meantime!

-Social Media & Verified Accounts Reminder (LINK)

On another note, I've been receiving a lot of 'are you the real TwilightSaint/Sniper?' messages on a myriad of my social media accounts.

I do appreciate these folks asking to verify if it's indeed me! Lord knows folks really like to repost pictures of Sniper and create fake accounts. narrows eyes at Amino & FaceBook

FRIENDLY REMINDER! If there is ever ANY doubt that an account is indeed me, please check this list! If the account you've found is not on this list, then it is NOT me. If that's the case, please PM me at once so I can report the fake account


And if you need to reach me with something that is time-sensitive, feel free to contact me on one of these social media accounts!


*Discussion Topic - Partials or Fullsuits???

This is something new I'd like to try, and open the floor to a discussion every Journal update! I'll be posting 'Discussion Topics' for folks and myself to converse over, typically in the form of a question prompt! :)

Let's chat!

So partials, or fullsuits? Which do you prefer to wear, and why?! Do you like the appearance of one over the other? Or the wearability?

// EOT

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Brief Update - Big Project & Commissions!


10 May 2017 at 11:20:03 MDT

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