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...billion years since an update loloops

Just popping in to provide a small update. The shorthand of it all is simply that I’m always around, just haven’t always had things to drop in with. Which I’m sorry for, just not everything I make I want to share (take that as you will). But- with that said I also still want to keep posting on my socials because I feel its worth it and I like to so I will. And hopefully with nice finished things you would like to see. Last short bit I’d like to thank all of the followers (on any of my socials really) who pop in and drop likes/favs/retweets/blogs/whatever. Your’re lovely and I appreciate all of you, I’m just bad at showing it.

But notably I’ve gotten some really interesting follows from some very wonderful artists and the like. Not to elevate or depreciate anyone, but when its a shared field of sorts its crazy to see someone who you’re like “dayum, just give half of that” and then they reciprocate interest. But good news is I’m attempting to not be terrible at the whole online thing, promise. I’m just innately bad at it. Last bits is I’ve gone through and updated my social links as well as purge and clean my gallery; hence it being a fair bit starved for recent stuff. Go figure. I’ll re-include them here, and you can always find them on my pages as well. Note that I’m most likely to be chatty on FA or twitter, and check up on tumblr often. Contact on tumblr may just be less immediate, especially due to how conversations work there from the site format.

Other than that I don’t have much to say – I do, but I don’t really do personal life stuff on socials which leads to infrequent updates like this I guess. But it’s “okay”, anyway luv you all. Gonna hopefully make some stuff to see and enjoy, k bai <3

Page updates and other life stuff


8 May 2017 at 09:07:08 MDT

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