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My furst Confuzzle meme 2017 by Angellothefox

I stole it from frostbite-guardianpaws that he stole from IllusionFox

Nothing to add more stealing in the furry fandom. We all should be very ashamed of ourselfs Frostbite and me

Where are you staying?
I am only visiting I will be at my home

What day are you getting there?
It should be on a Saturday

Who will you be with?
Support worker

Do you do free art or trades?
Yes. Just let me look around the con first and remind me. Sit me down on a chair with a table. If I do not have my commission book I will need you to get me some papper.

Do you do commissions/badges?
Free commissions yes. Badges I do not know. Best talk to Gazi about that.

Do you have prints/CDs?
What are you talking about? I have drawings and maybe stuff I drew and printed out but I do not think I will be taking a CD with me. Have you seen the size of the con!

Do you have art in the art show?
They is a art show!

What suit(s) will you have?
Angellothefox and if your lucky a Crystal Fire head. Though it is still in progress and I might not feel like taking it with me.

Can I dance with you?
Of course. Just let me finish this paint of beer and I will come dancing with you.

What is your gender?
Let me check *Opens up pants and looks down* Yupe I am male

How old are you?

How tall are you?
I do not know that one. I am a short fursuiter though compared to the other male fursuiters but I am taller then the female fursuiters (mostly)

Are you mated? in a relationship?

Can I touch you?
If your blind or pacilisited yes.
If your not I do not know what you are insinuating!? In Charecter if your not a child or a teenager then I do not see why not but you have to remeber In Real Life I am tectile sentisive so sometimes I will jump.

Can I talk to you?
It is a con. Infact if you see me alone all by myself come and say hi. After you had enough of talking to me go see those other furries sitting on there own. Your click can wait. (I will try my best not to get too involved with a click.)

Can I hug you?
Yes you can

Can I take photos of you/with you?
I always like a good photo. Just make sure if you want your child or teenager to be in the photo with me you get another furry in the photo. (It is just how my fursona is. Angello is scared of children and feels better when they is another antho animal with him)

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
You can buy me alcholic drinks. you can buy me non alcholic drinks. You can show me where the bathroom is if you bought me too much drinks. (Both alcohole and non alcohole. I need to pee after a few drinks)

Do you drink Alcohol/Smoke?
I drink my second fursona tries to smoke but can not seem to breath fire yet and! Oh your talking about a cigerate. Oh then nope.

Can I give you lots of money?
OH YEAH Finally I might be able to buy a fursuit or even buy some more tails at the fair or adult stuff.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Snuggle sounds harmeless enough you may hug and snuggle. Or snuggle or hug.

Can we hang out?
If you like.

Are you nice?
Yes most of the time. Sometimes I get angry though. It depends on the situation. Say if the convention moved unexpectedly then I would be miffed off.

Where will you be most of the time during the con?
I do not really know? I might be looking around at the shops or at the bar or wondering around? I do not know. It is my first con. I might be locked in the furry prison at the con who knows?

Other cons you may go to?
Thought Bubble but that is not a furry con. and I attend game fairs when I can.

Who are you rooming with?
No one. This is my first con and I do not want to make my folks back home worry!

Attending any events?
It depends when they start and when I get there!

How can I find you at the con?
Withought my suit look for a person with long curily hair blue eyes creamy like skin (I said if I am without a suit! I am the person next to Frost) With a fursuit look for a white belled fox with a white tail. Many say that I look like a bunny

Other questions?

Will you be able to arrive at the con?
Yes if all go's accourding to plan!

Can I play video games with you?
Yes you can.

Can I buy you a fursuit?
I am not going to say no!

Can I ask for your phone number at the con?
Maybe? Just as long as your phone number as well but we will see.

Can I buy you some food old chum?
Yes but I do not know weather we met or not?

Hopefully I should be going to confuzzled and I hope to meet loads of people there. If I can't it is ether because of these things.
.Suport worker sick
.the organization thinks it is not deemed apropriote
.I am ill (fat chance)
.Something else crops up
.Everyone is worried about my safety!

My furst Confuzzle meme 2017


4 May 2017 at 06:57:20 MDT

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