We're Moving! by BoxsonaOfficial

Hey everyone! We are moving from Nova Scotia, to Alberta!
We have been busy packing away and preparing for the large move, including packing all of our Boxsona and Furry Life goods.

Because of this we are currently postponing our May into June Boxsona boxes and envelopes, and the selling of individual items.

Our next Boxsona boxes and envelopes will be bOSxsona Edition which are tech and gadget themed!

When we have settled into our new home and office we will be selling items, boxes and envelopes.
This will include past boxes that we still have inventory for such as the Rock Themed Boxsona's.
These will still be limited edition and are based on the prints and goods still available.

We may not be able to sell any goods currently but we are still available for any questions or comments you may have!
So feel free to get in touch with us by email, Telegram, or on any website we are on, such as here, Facebook, Twitter, or FurAffinity!

We're Moving!


30 April 2017 at 21:01:41 MDT

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