Comic Appearance Changes by KibaTheDemonicWolf

changes will be happening, just some sooner then others.
any time ranges given are subject to change sense I wont promise anything until I have the supplies in hand, but these are the future plans even if it takes longer to achieve then I am hoping.

I am going to start using prismacolor markers.
R.I.P. = Neutral grays
Demonically Demented = cool grays
Ultimately Unorthodox = warm grays
Random = full color
Sen = full color

I currently only have a pack of neutral gray markers, but no proper paper to use with them so as soon as I get the proper paper R.I.P. will be switching over hopefully in May or in June at the very latest July, I know this one for sure. I plan on getting a pack of cool grays soon so DD will also be switching over soonish hopefully the same time range as R.I.P., but it might be pushed to August or September I'm not sure.

I will hopefully be able to afford to get a huge pack of prismacolor markers at the end of the year or the beginning of next year so whenever I obtain the markers I will be switching the comics over. Time range could be anywhere from November 2017 to March 2018.. But it will happen eventually.

I plan on redrawing all of the comic pages I currently have done (the old ones will be left up just will be re-titled to old so No there not going anywhere.), but the redraws will not count as updates so I will redraw pages after I have new pages done for updates so don't worry everything will continue as usual an you'll have new content to read, Except the Sen comic might go on hiatus so I can do some changes, no story changes or anything just take a bit to redesign some background things. I would really like to redesign the house at least, because I did not do good job at planning the layout well at all. Don't worry though I would never let it go on hiatus for very long. An Remember you don't have to worry about this hiatus till probably early next year.

also I'm really sure that even with the added work level of coloring that I can keep up my current one comic page every Friday schedule so don't worry about getting less to read just because the quality is gonna get better ;3

I hope everyone is excited about the changes coming in the future an that everyone enjoys the jump in quality when I manage to get the supplies, thanks everyone for reading.

Comic Appearance Changes


26 April 2017 at 17:44:52 MDT

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