I'm Not Going to Upload Here Anymore, Check Out My Other Sites! by TentaBat


Sorry, but I won't be uploading on Weasyl anymore. I was never really active here on this site, just here to upload things. And I really don't like uploading art on too many places; it gets tiring. But maybe one day I will come back and upload art in bulk though!

But if you want to keep up with my more current artwork, please check out the other places you can find me with the links bellow!

Thank you all for your comments, favs, and follows!

Patreon (nsfw)
SFW Tumblr Art Blog
NSFW Tumblr Art Blog (nsfw)
Furaffinity (nsfw)
Hentai-Foundry (nsfw)

I'm Not Going to Upload Here Anymore, Check Out My Other Sites!


20 April 2017 at 02:27:48 MDT

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    well darn that sucks. If good artists like you dont continue to support and have traffic on the site then a good art site like this will fail compared to a crappy one like FA

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      Yeah, I understand. I do like Weasyl, but the lack of traffic is also the problem for me. I may change my mind and come back later on, but for now I'll see how this break goes.

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    unfortunate D: You post on all the sites I don't use. I'll have to keep up somehow anyway

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      I'm sorry! Maybe one day I'll come back to this site. Thank you for liking my art so far!