commissions I owe and owed in order. by metalzaki

yep this journal will let you know the order I'm doing them. Which is in the order I got payed.

figure I get my S#*t in order...

==============work list.==============

This will be the order I'm doing them.

  1. LateNightOtaku of Inkbunny. done.
  2. joshua37 done.
  3. chaosoverlordZ done.
  4. the-esper-dreamer done.
  5. Sitinuramjah done.
  6. SelanaireQueen done.
  7. thebloodredwolf done.
  8. tppr10 done. but only on FA and Weasyl
  9. jdogindy (done) will post on scraps later.
  10. CyberApple456 done.
  11. DarkSonic250 done. but onl.y on FA and Weasyl
  12. Nxzc88 (a trade) done.
  13. hunter117x done. but only on FA, Inkbunny and Weasyl.
  14. feyro from Furaffinity. done.
  15. jonzu95 from Furaffinity. next.
  16. ChaosOverlordZ done.

==============Owed pics to me.==============

this list is just to remind me of what I'm owed. cause I forget at times.

  1. Lavenderrose Lavenderrose Just a pic of zaki in his new art style.
  2. A story commissioned from a friend.

commissions I owe and owed in order.


19 April 2017 at 21:08:53 MDT

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