Birthday Commission Deal! by t_iii

Hi everyone!

I’m hard at work on the debut issue of Hier Spirits which we’ll be previewing at London MCM Comic Con next month. It’s been fun playing around with mythology and world building in a bit of a sillier way than my usual comic projects.

However, in the meantime I’ll be getting old(er) as it’s my birthday this weekend – but what to do to celebrate? Spend some quality time with family? Take a break to indulge in some video/tabletop gaming? Drink and draw? Art/Gaming streams? Perhaps all of the above!

As my present to all of you and as thanks for being awesome and showing your support over the years – I’m re-opening commissions and offering Two characters for the price of One on all character art commissions ordered during April! So, if you’ve ever wanted to get a couple portrait of yourself, your OTP, or OC’s this is your chance. I’ll be streaming commissions, comic pages, and perhaps some terrible gaming on Twitch during the month too – so be sure to join me if you can.

Any cash raised from commissions (as always) will go towards keeping the lights on, funding new comics/merch, and tea… lots and lots of tea.

Commissions start from only £20 - my price guide can be found at the link below OR in my submissions gallery!

For full terms and more info check out this link!

Anyway, I’m going to get back to working on comics and resisting the urge to grind for credits/loot boxes in the Overwatch Uprising event! Are you looking forward to London MCM Comic Con next month? How do you celebrate your birthday? Who’s your Overwatch main? What game/art thing would you like to see me stream on Twitch in the future?

As always, until next time…


Birthday Commission Deal!


12 April 2017 at 12:50:56 MDT

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