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Posts By Artists I Follow? by TristanAlexander

Over the past several months it seems that most of the people I follow on here have stopped posting. I know some have posted journals explaining why they have been less productive than normal or have health issues etc. But I just wonder how many have simply stooped posting here? I love this site, overall it is one of the best I have been on. But I also know people are lazy and easily fall back into habits, like posting in FA (which I find a horrible site) but that people are "used to".
This site can not get better and grow if people do not support it and USE it!
Please if you posted here in the past but have stopped for whatever reason, please start again!

Posts By Artists I Follow?


12 April 2017 at 10:34:19 MDT

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    I feel the same way for the most part. Weasyl is easily the most well-designed and competent art site I use frequently, but its biggest issue is that it sorta lives in the shadow of the likes of DeviantART and FurAffinity. People either don't notice Weasyl in the first place, or drop off when they're not getting the attention they received on the other sites. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy, really.

    Still, I'm sticking with this site for all I care. It's a great, tight-knit community. I don't upload stuff often, but everything I post to DeviantART goes here as well. As long as there's always content on the site, people will find it and stick to it.

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    I do post to Weasyl, it's just not as frequently or in as timely a manner as it should be perhaps.

    To be honest with you, I do tend to use my FA more than my Weasyl. And it has nothing to do with not garnering enough attention to stroke my ego or anything like that. I know that when I start to post my art on a new art site that I won't get noticed over night. It wasn't like that for me on my FA. I worked for my watchers and I worked hard for them. I pushed and pushed and pushed and was always pleasantly surprised when that number grew and grew because more people liked my art. For me it has more to do with my livelihood than anything. I freelance as a profession, because doing art was something I've wanted to do for a living from a very young age, and my 11,000 followers on FA (by comparison, I have 323 here with the same content I post on FA-- just for reference) make it possible to keep myself fed. They take priority over my other art sites since most of my commissions are from there or from word of mouth of friends/family.

    If I know that success won't happen over night, then why don't I make more of an effort here? It's a slippery slope to be honest with you. I know that putting in more time on Weasyl might gather me a different audience to chuck my skills at, but at the same time... I could also spend more time here and gain nothing. Which doesn't help me when the house payment is coming up or I need food for myself and our dog. It's stressful. I am one person putting in extra long hours doing something I love and it's tiring as well. Which is honestly a pretty poor set of excuses, save for the bit about my freelancing, but it's the truth.

    It's pretty terrifying to think of what would happen if anything ever happened to FA.
    Actually, I know if anything ever happened to FA, I would have nothing to fall back on. I just don't always have the proper amount of time to dedicate to all the places I should be cross posting and promoting and socializing on. Regular content is a must, but for me it's really about being swamped and making a living more than anything.

    That's my take on it from the spot that I'm sitting at right now.
    Also, sorry if it doesn't make much sense, I just got done pulling another long night and I am exhausted.

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      FA does not care about YOU and it will screw you over, it did me! Someone stole art from me by running a fake contest. They said the winner would get $100, I did 2 pictures for it and was told I won, then they pit MY art on their page and refused to pay what they promised. When I called them on the deception, the made up a bunch of lies and refused to remove MY art from their page. When I complained to the Admins, THEY said I could not do anything about it and refused to even make them take MY art off the offenders page! I l removed EVERYTHING of mine from FA and will NEVER post to that site again. They also play favorites and allow their friends to break/ignore rules ALL the time.

      You fear if something happens to FA, they have major problems and go dark ALL the time, and then people come here until FA is back and then they go back to the abusive BF/lover whatever.

      I am sorry that you feel your lively hood is tied to that site because I want it GONE! I hope it gets sued out of existence because of its horrible treatment of the artists who post there!

      Start a webpage, use Blogger (it is free) or any of the other sites that let you do things for free so you HAVE a fall back. You will need it at some point!

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    solution: follow artists who don't stop posting?

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      I only follow traditional or mostly traditional artists, I look for new ones all the time...following people JUST because they post a lot does not make since because I may not want to see their work!