Hiatus by KittyRedden

I just want to reiterate that we are now on hiatus. I’m not sure how long the hiatus is going to last. I start a new job today and will have to figure out how much I can accomplish in a week with the comic after hours. Thank you for your patience during this major change in my life.

Now to tell you what’s going on.

I am getting a divorce. I left my home and family and moved back in with my parents on the other side of the country. I won’t go into the details because honestly, it’s no one’s business.

What does this mean for the comic?

Nothing is going to change. The story will continue as planned, though I’m losing my co-writer. I will be ending the comic sooner than planned, stopping at the end of Part 1.

Personally, Blue wishes I will kill off his character, but he has given me permission to use his character however I want.

Again, thank you for your support and understanding during this time.



10 April 2017 at 05:00:43 MDT

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