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July to September (and straight on through March):

  • Continue website redesign. Nope.
  • Start in on the next Biff book. Not much beyond the basics.
  • Work on the MBF-EA2 Astray Prophet Mk.II. Ha HA! No. -.-

So here’s the long and short of it – Last summer, fall and much of winter were pretty terrible in me getting things done that weren’t the next Biff strip. The book has its basics done which is good but there’s a lot more that needs doing. The site redesign once again fell by the wayside. So did the Gundam but that was mostly ‘cause my old painting setup was destroyed thanks to time and my family’s habit of treating any open box as an empty box ripe for putting stuff in while claiming “It’s only temporary”. That and the weather decided that it could only be warm enough to paint when it was wet enough to mess up anything I’d want to do.

Not all was lost, though. I did a Drawlloween dealie again and stitched that up into a thing you can buy at this [Link]. I also bought myself a Nerf Deploy that, in retrospect, was an odd thing to pick up but it’s a neat little thing I can fix up when it’s cruddy out and something I can use against my nephews in the summer. I also did a few drawing videos and popped them over onto my YouTube channel. Figured they made slightly more sense to post than having a bunch of terrible box openings on a channel belonging to a guy who draws stuff all day.

So not a lot of good happened in-between these posts. Thankfully, I’m slowly changing this as I keep working and keep on keeping on.

Basic vault rules apply:
In Spite of Everything, Keep Moving Forward.

April to June:

  • Finish old projects.
  • Relax.

The first is self-explanatory. I have to clear this work backlog. I also have to clear this computer desk. It’s… it’s bad. The second is a reminder that I really should take a minute to breath. That’s something myself and others haven’t been doing lately and I think it’s driving us all to the brink of burnout and that’s So Not a good thing. Better to chill for a bit than to blow up on folks over some dumb stuff.

Agenda 2017 - April to June


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