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Spring 2017 Update by friday

Yo, it's been a couple of months!

My wrist still hurts, but since I got new crowns my teeth have been taking pain priority #1 :c

It's only one crown/tooth that's in pain, so I was hoping that it was temporary due to the stress of removing the temp crown for the permanent one, but it's been weeks since then. So, my dentist suggested it might be a nerve problem and I'm going to ask for a specialist referral because I'm really tired of living my life around managing pain XmX;;;

As for my drawing wrist, I've been trying to find a doc via my insurance companies website, but so many Docs came up I've been weeding through the options to find who would be best for me and my needs. However, I have been doodling more often and I'm finally working on new ref sheets!! So expect to see those soon :3

I've also been playing more Animal Crossing and Pokemon because it doesn't upset my wrist as quickly as Monster Hunter does. I'm getting Night in the Woods as soon as I decide which system I want to play it on ^^;; ( no spoilers please!!! )

Spring 2017 Update


9 April 2017 at 20:02:37 MDT

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    ooooo glad that tooth is gettig taken care of but that wrist tho....!!!

    proper keyboard posture and often stretching is essential...! ive encountered some carpal tunnel inflammation and warning signs and scared the crap out of myself. it involves the whole arm–you stretching your shoulders just as much as your wrist? could help...

    insurance and doctors and bureaucracy oh my. it sucks but you can get a really good doc usually in a local area, and many are converting to adjust to insurance policies as fast as they can.

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      omg right?? I feel like a goober for not getting my wrist looked at earlier considering I would like to have a career making and/or designing things ORZ

      I had a recommendation from my regular doc, and I got as far as the first appointment before the staff told me over the phone that my insurance wasn't covered by the specialist.
      So, I'm thinking at this point if I call my regular doc and update them on the news, maybe they'll give me another recommendation?