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Just trying to get my to do list in order... Pretty irrelevant to anyone other than myself, but what they hey?

  1. Finish the current chapter of Derailed Revolution
  2. Decide if I need to have an epilogue chapter, and how best to write that chapter.*
  3. Continue developing the Chimera Universe setting, so that I can...
  4. Write up the notes on the Chimera Universe setting. Use a RPG fluffy chapter style. Don't get bogged down in details! A couple of dozen pages should cover almost everything.
  5. Develop the Ashar Universe setting - what am I going to do with it? What's the synopsis?

No idea how long this will take me to finish... oh well! At least I have a plan on how I am going to tackle it.

*There is a lot of things to cover, and I don't think I can do it in my usual 3,500 odd word length chapter, so an epilogue might be worth while.

To do list


7 April 2017 at 18:53:43 MDT

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