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The Demonic Renegade Preview by Neondogart

The story of the Demonic Renegade starts off with a half demon, half human boy named Takao. He goes through a struggle throughout his childhood due to his mother dying in childbirth and his father putting the blame on him. His father is abusive over him and devours the souls of children...such a great fatherly figure. If that was not bad enough, creatures known as shadows are taking over the world and the person behind it all is a mystery. Behind the scenes, a war is rising between the underworld and the Earth Takao has come to love due to the shadows. Takao lives in the town of London in the early 2000s, but not much in the way of cars, television, computers, or cellphones is used throughout the novel. Instead, the technology focuses in the experiments of human beings and the creation of androids. The experimented humans are trained to combat the shadows...but issues arise there as well. If things still aren't bad enough, everything keep getting worse. How will Takao deal with his father? Is all of humanity going to come to an end? Will the future war tear everything apart? Read this adventurous tale and the future books in the series for a small fee compared to all of the action packed into this book! If you like the supernatural, action, romance, horror, or a combination of any of the above, this is the book for you!

The Demonic Renegade Preview


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    the book will be sent through google docs or email to those who pay the fee. They will get to also receive the next 2 books in the series as well for no additional fee. That's 3 books for only $20! You may not share the book with anyone. Doing so will get you blocked and you will not receive the other books and be denied all further purchases whether novels or art commissions. I'm sure you all won't let me down :)

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      correction, its $25, finger slipped sry :(