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*Mission Update - Hello From the Sandbox! by TwilightSaint


-In the Sandbox! Life & General Schedule
-Upcoming Commissions - YCHs
-Personal Work!
-Social Media - Best way to contact me!

-In the Sandbox! Life & General Schedule

Hey everyone, greetings from what we refer to as the Sandbox! It's actually not half bad - galley food is decent, Wifi is available, and I love-love-loooove the weather! Finally, a desert dragon back in their natural habitat.

This is a quick update, as I just wanted to touch base and let everyone know I'm still kicking, and very much able to be active online! My schedule is fairly unpredictable, as the environment is dynamic, however, I am able to retire during these windows of downtime to my lodging.

I'm still getting into the swing of things, as it were - I'm still mighty jetlagged, which makes speaking English a bit difficult at odd times during the day, but I'm looking to get over it within the next week or two.

This all being said, as apparent from last #FursuitFriday, I'm still eager to keep up activity on here with only minor delays in my typical content posts! Delays are to be expected, especially this early on, but from what I've experienced so far, things really aren't half bad.

-Upcoming Commissions - YCHs

I am still receiving a good many Notes with inquiries - thanks so much to everyone for your interested! However at this time, all Commissions remain closed!

I definitely want to have a better grip on my schedule, (both work and sleep,) before I open up for a new queue. When I do, it will be on the smaller side, taking in only bite-sized amounts that I know I can complete quickly, and keep a very short wait time for y'all!

That being said, I am gnawing at the bit to get some YCHs polished up and posted! YCHs will be among the first Commissions I open for here on deployment, so keep an eye out! I've been able to sketch up lots of dynamic poses of various critters in between briefs, traveling, etc, so I'll be working on finishing them up and posting them in the not-so-distant future.

Once/if my schedule becomes more predictable, I will be making Journal announcements of upcoming Commission Batch openings.

-Personal Work!

This has priority, right here, personal art! It's been way too long since I've taken a solid chunk of time to do personal art, (in fact, the last time I did was just before I became Active Duty a few years ago!)

Among the random sketches that I'll be turning into YCHs, I've been able to traditionally draft up dozens of personal pieces that are screaming at me to be polished up! Among these are Epic Scenes of some characters I haven't done more with than their Ref Sheets, salty tears and some characters I haven't done art of in quite a while!

I've also been hard at work designing some new characters that have been locked up in my brain for the past several months! I'm very excited to bring these guys to life.

-Social Media - Best way to contact me!

As said before, I do have access to Wifi in certain spots on base! Because of this, I am giving priority to social media apps available on my phone that I can check on a whim and post much easier and quicker than my main art sites! If you need to get a hold of me quickly, or a message is time-sensitive, please reach out to me on the following frequencies-- I mean, websites! X,D *** - Primary Comms

That's pretty much it for now! Deployment hasn't been without its ups and downs, I'll admit that quick, but it sure is an adventure. I got to see some /awesome/ sites on the transit over here, and this is just the beginning! I'll definitely have some great stories to tell at Conventions when I get home!


Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Mission Update - Hello From the Sandbox!


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    good to hear you're still rollin around the great spherical spaceship we call earth! hope youre deploment goes smooth

    and damn, enjoy that desert. desert environments are so vast and open and harsh but lush and full of complexity of life and relationships. any ability to say where you're stationed or just the region? (the ecology, not names of settlements)

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      Indeed! ^^ And thanks a lot! So far, so smooth! Facilities are nice, and my lodging is really close to everything! And with free Wifi and a 24/7 galley, I really can't complain.

      Yes, I absolutely love the desert! It's so good to be back. I'm in the high desert, but am not too far from water where I'm at! (The luxury of being in the Navy - I'm always near or on the sea!) So we routinely get super windy days from the breeze rolling in from the coastline. Makes for some sketch takeoffs and landings, but makes walking about really habitable as it's not stiflingly hot.

      Then again, this is still April - we'll be getting into some brain-boiling days in the coming months! I can't wait, haha.

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        daaang. when it starts evaporating off your wings on the runway and misting, lmk ;ooo

        and those are sick privelages; 24 access to anything is like a blessing cuz you can pic the weird hours and be alone or meet up with randos and chill.

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          Hehe, will do! I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

          Yeah, it's awesome! And it's definitely a lifesaver - it's great grabbing actual hot food after landing at 0400. Or just getting something to eat anytime during the day between flights and an unpredictable schedule.

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    Just saw this, glad to hear youre still kickin it out there! Got back to Washington 2 weeks ago, very refreshing. Enjoy the time you have for personal development, and make sure to hit the gyms out there! those galleys can be dangerous...

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      Thanks! ^^ And yeah, so far I'm really enjoying it! I haven't closed commissions literally for a few years now, so it's relaxing and feels good to just chop away at my ever-growing list of personal projects, one brick at a time, haha.
      Hehe, dangerous when people take the last of the garlic bread! I can be pretty deadly with some tongs and a plastic fork, lol.