One moment in time... The beginning... by Aimka

Well, where do I start? Oh, yeah, finally I decided to start a graphic novel of my story "One Moment in Time". This story takes place on 1995; why that year?, well because that was the year where I started to create it, even it was a very short version of this one, it took 20 years to formally begin.

I always loved the story "Beauty and the Beast", since I was 5 years old, and also love to write stories, so that way I decided to make my own version of that "strange love".

This proyect was a new beginning for me, after a very, very, painful time; I returned to write, after five year without doing it, and also drawing again.

Anyway, I know I´m not the best artist in the world but I keep studing and trying to improve.

It´s a long way to go, but I´m happy that all this is taking me to new horizons and at least my days are not as gray as before.

One moment in time... The beginning...


1 April 2017 at 19:06:22 MDT

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