Komickrazi Studios status - taking a much needed break by Temperance

I have always worked on a queue system which has allowed me to remain open to new commissions by maintaining a running queue list. This queue allows me to stay open to new commissions instead of repeatedly opening and closing my commission list as projects are completed. I have been pretty good at maintaining my queue to give me time to work on each commission and keep a steady pace.

For various reasons I have found myself struggling a little to keep my head above water. Between my work and personal life I have found myself a little overwhelmed. Some commissions have been taking a little longer than I like and I haven't had a break in months. I often spend my evenings and weekends working instead of having any sort of social life. I like sewing and I love making costumes, but in the end I am not a machine and I think the best things for me would be to slow it down a little.

What does this mean for you?
For new potential customers it means I will be closing my queue for a short time to work on my current commission list and get myself back on track. I hope to not remain closed for a significant period of time, but I would rather not take on new work at this time and just focus on my current load. I will announce when I am ready to re-open to take new commissions on a regular basis.
For customers currently on my queue it means a possible slow-down. I will keep working as best as I can, but ensuring I focus on taking breaks (having evenings and weekends away from my studio, and socializing with neglected friends and family). By focusing on my current workload I hope that there won't be any delays at all - I will keep working and your suit will be delivered as promised on or around it's set deadline. If there are delays in your costume completion I will do my best to maintain communication with you regarding my work. I would rather have costumes made well and not at the cost of me or my health. If this is unacceptable for you, please let me know: you may cancel your commission with me and I will refund you any payments you have made including your non-refundable deposit.

Thank you very much for your understanding! If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

Komickrazi Studios status - taking a much needed break


30 March 2017 at 09:22:27 MDT

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