Come Check Out My Patreon! by Tails-Chan

Hey guys! I don't wanna keep shoving this down your throat, but...

I just wanted to announce that it's drawing closer towards the end of the month, which means a new one shall be starting! So, with that new month comes a new cycle through for my Patreon!


Each month, my Patrons are charged what they decide to pledge to myself in order for me to create artwork for them. With each pledge tier, there are some FAAAABULOUS tier rewards!

You may not be aware of them so let me just point them out to you...


You get access to all my work basically before it goes live here or anywhere else. This includes sketches, and now finished artwork. Debating on posting commissions there because technically the commissioner see's it first and yeah... but sketches and finished work go there first now!

$10 TIER

You get access to the sketches and a WONDERFUL..."free" one per patron 500x500 icon of a character of your choice. The character can be your own, or mine, just not copyrighted. :] The icon can be flat, or I'll even consider doing a slight animation if you would want! Just let me know.

$15 TIER

This includes the sketches, and the 500x500 icon, and even something more magical... a custom badge of your character of your choice (not copyrighted) that you can do virtually anything with. There's also a 5% off discount that is for my commissions! :] This is a super fun tier and I really enjoy working on this one for Patrons.

$20 TIER

This tier will include exclusive access to the sketches, the 500x500 icon, a custom badge for you of a character of your choosing (not copyrighted), and a BOOSTED 7% off of commissions from me. :] This one is great if you get commissions a lot. Spend some money to save some money! Fun for all!

$25 TIER

Included you'll get all the previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge), a 10% off discount for commissions, and an exclusive digital holiday card for major holidays like Christmas, Easter, New Years, etc... Easter's coming up and I have a fun one planned! So don't miss your chance on this one!

$30 TIER

This tier includes all previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge, and digital holiday card)...and 12% off of commissions!! :]

$35 TIER

This is probably one of my favourites. This will get you all the previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge, digital card) as well as 15% off of commissions...AND...are you ready? A personalized sketch every month. While I choose the subject matter, I always try to make it something related to what the Patron likes. I may ask for some suggestions at first and make note of them. I love this tier a lot and I get to have some fun with it! And so my Patrons!

$40 TIER

This is one of my newest tiers. You get all the previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge, digital card, personal sketch)...20% off of commissions..AND....1 Free Request Sketch PER MONTH... You get to choose what I draw for you! Just please note, two characters preferred and not too heavy on the background please.

$45 TIER

Another new tier...this one lets you have all the previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge, digital card, personal sketch, request sketch) and ONE MORE ADDITIONAL REQUEST SKETCH...So you get TWO of these! AND...25% OFF of commissions! c: So you get like $50-$60 worth of stuff at a discounted rate basically!

$50 TIER

This is my BIGGEST tier...quite fun actually.. OKAY get all the previous tier rewards (sketches, icon, badge, digital card, personal sketch, two request sketches)...30% OFF OF's what makes this so great...a 2 HOUR SKETCH STREAM where I draw anything you want. O_O...ANYTHING!! It just won't be set to private because currently I do not have the funds available to afford premium service features like that...but yeh! This is a fun one!

And those are all my tier rewards! Please feel free to come check it out and support me and the artwork! Without your guys help, it'd be difficult for me to create the work in the first place!!

And a fun note! All of my stuff on Patreon is WATERMARK FREE!!! So no nasty looking watermarks on the fun pretty pictures! :]

Don't forget! If you want these fun snazzy prizes and rewards for April, you need to pledge before the end of this month! As that's when they start their monthly billing cycle (end of the 31st to the 1st). :] I look forward to all of your support!


Come Check Out My Patreon!


29 March 2017 at 15:45:10 MDT

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