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So, first I wanna describe my 'first' con a bit.

Thursday I drove up to Dallas, picked up Krest, a fur I know, at the Greyhound station, then drove over and checked into the hotel and got my badge. Went around a bit, saw some sights, got to know the layout of the con.

Friday, my pal Chazori arrived so I got them from the airport and we spent most of Friday running around, chatting with folks, checking out dealer's den, doing cool stuff, meeting people. I met JennerHawk/Cesar for the first time, which was fun, and I gambled a bit to spend some time chatting with other furs. I also got to hang out with a fur named Sakanz, who is a pretty peacock and a neat guy to chat with. I also met Jay and Kal'hona who taught me a little bit about how being a pilot could work well with being a fur.

Saturday was the intense day where I got to meet a lot of folks for the first time, especially Orzel, an awesome Tern/Lizard. He and I and Chazori had a great time. We did go to the Pokepalooza hosted by Rika, an awsome artist and great pom. We also hit up a thing called Muttcon though we didn't drink or stay too long, but I did get to meet DarkDragon, a fur Chazori knows.

Sunday early in the morning I took Chazori to the airport and bid my farewell to the wonderful birb. I spent a lot of Sunday either wandering and taking in the sights, checking out some of the last-day-deals for the dealer's den and playing a few games in the tabletop room, which had a nice, quiet aesthetic that was good for helping me decompress on the last day. I did meet up with Orzel again and hang out a bit, then did some dead-dog dancing and hung out with the guy who had been running the tabletop room.

Monday, I cleaned up my room, took Orzel to his flight home, packed up to head home, and after a nap, took Krest to the greyhound station and drove home to Houston. I got to follow a fellow fur most of the way (I could tell by the stickers on their car) but lost them when I had to gas up (was kinda sad about that, because it was nice having a reminder that yes, furries were still around despite how depleted the world seemed with the con over.)

All in all, it was fucking AMAZING.

I am gonna do these more. For certain I want to do at least 2 a year. TFF and Furry Invasion. Those are in Texas and cheap to get to. Other than those, I'm thinking of going to Anthrocon and Further Confusion, but I am not sure about those ones. I know for sure that FWA is too close to TFF so it's not gonna happen. Furcons are gonna be my main relaxation I think, because while at TFF I felt insanely free and happy. Just a great time.



28 March 2017 at 18:35:00 MDT

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    Come to AC :D

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      Man. I'm tempted, but I have a few concerns.

      1 - Knowing too few people and the people I really want to meet not being there.
      2 - It being super pricey compared to these local ones that I don't have to pay transit for.
      3 - Having time enough off of work to go to it.
      4 - Not being able to get a room.

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        Totally understandable. I've got a room, but it's full :<

        Some day maybe! Or FWA, that'll likely be my main con in the future.

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          TFF is really close to FWA, and TFF is so easy to go to, sooooo

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    I'm so glad you had fun!

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    Cons are a great time to decompress. You hung out with several quality furs there (Orzel and Jay are ones that I definitely love to hang with). Glad you had a good time and weren't shy about digging in to the feast of fun!

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      It really was. I'm dealing with con crud now but I don't even care. It was that good.