Back. Computer seems fine again *phew* by Zaezar

New part came in the mail and its installed. From my quick testing it seems fine. I will have to run it for a whole day before I say for certain, but its reasonable to assume it will be fine. Stream schedule will be back to normal!

I am so exhausted from this weekend, you have no idea. I spent literally days over my computer case trying desperately to figure out what was happening. I am stressed, tired, sick from energy drinks, and wanting to leave this event behind me. I have a new part in my PC that should ride it out until I eventually make a new build (which is looking rather likely to happen in a year or so, support my Patreon to help :'D ). And I just want to keep on working on Descendent. But not right now, since I seriously think I will mess it up in my condition. The last few days have just hit me like a truck haha. Appreciate your life when its going well, that's the last I got to say on the matter.

See ya, thanks for sticking around while I get this issue resolved

Back. Computer seems fine again *phew*


27 March 2017 at 19:25:24 MDT

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    Hang in there! I hope the new part keeps your compy running as long as you need it to. :)