In a good mood! Wanna ask me stuff? by sbneko

Been a great weekend! :3 Went to the movies on Friday with friends, first date with the boyfriend on Sat, spoiled him with lots of yummy stuff I made for lunch, and hanging with friends that night for a buddy's birthday. Then a nice relaxing, gaming and taking a walk Sunday, again with the boyfriend. Then caught up on sleep this morning so I feel pretty great!

**Ask me anything! Art related OR personal!
Have a personal question, something about my art, how I do things, what I use, commission advice, etc?
Then go ahead oand ask! Feel free to ask anything, I definitely won't be mad no matter the subject, but I may not reply of course :3 **

In a good mood! Wanna ask me stuff?


20 March 2017 at 15:05:48 MDT

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    • What in the past five years are you most proud of improving?

    • Have you read any good books lately (or watched a good movie, I'm not picky!)

    • What's a funny story that's happened to you?

    • You can make one thing illegal, no matter how silly or minor; what would it be?

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      • Hm, tough one, but I guess I'd say improvements in my anxiety and other issues I have. A couple friends have told me how different I am from when I met them, and my boyfriend likes to tell the story of when we first met (we've known each other 6 years, relationship is new!), how I acted, compared to how I do now. I still have a long way to go, but I'm proud of myself and best thing is that friends are proud of me too!

      • Recent book I've really liked was Three Dark Crowns! Recent movies were Logan and Kong. Now, Logan, as a movie, was amazing and I would expect it to win awards, but genre wise, it's not my favourite (but very happy to have seen it!), so I actually enjoyed Kong a lot more personally! I don't know if I'd say it's critically good, but I enjoyed it very much.

      • Since I mentioned the story my boyfriend says, that'd be perfect to share then!
        Backstory, and just to add more info for fun: My current relationship with Mal is new, 3-4 weeks. We met 6 ish years ago, and I had a boyfriend at the time, we'll call him O. That was my first and only relationship until this new one.

      So, Mal was friends with O and liked my art, so he commissioned a traditional badge through O. I was at O's house, Mal was coming to pick it up. The plan was that O would just give it to him, I was not supposed to meet Mal, told him I'd wait in the living room, I was way too shy, nervous and anxious and refused to give this guy his badge personally. But he wanted to meet me really bad apparently so O brought him in. Mal likes to describe how absolutely red and quiet I was, comparing to me talking to people at parties now. (To be fair, they come talk to me and I talk back, I still can't go up to people at random!). But I mean, we wouldn't have been friends for all these years if he hadn't insisted on meeting me, since we then all tried to hang out a bit. So, it definitely worked out!

      • I'll go with a silly/non-serious answer since I don't want to get into serious stuff with this subject :3 Chewing with your month open! It doesn't bother me that much but man when sis does it, just ugh D:
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    • Do you like to watch anime if so what is your favorite and what are you currently watching? ( for example I'm watching Jojo Bizarre Adventure)

    • what got you started with doing art?

    • what kind of games do you normally play and side note are you going to get that new Mass Effect, I know I will.

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      • I do, but I'm not obsessed like I used to be. I also rarely watch it as I need it to be dubbed, so that I can work while I watch. At the moment I'm not currently watching any anime.

      • Nothing did! :3 I’ve basically always been doing it. As a tiny kid it was basically my only hobby and I never really stopped, and it helped my parents were really supportive, so I got art supplies. I did get more serious about it once I discovered Amy Brown, and then later, anime.

        And then much more serious about it between 5th-7th grade where I decided I wanted to do something art related in life.

      • Right now I mostly play Overwatch, and since my boyfriend has a PS4, we picked up Horizon and I'm loving it.

      Some other games I like but not all I have:

      • Borderlands2/pre-quel
      • Bioshock2/infinite
      • Don't Starve
      • Planetside2
      • Alice Madness Returns
      • Skyrim
      • Walking dead/season 2.
      • Left 4 Dead 2

      No idea. I haven't played the others, and wasn't that interested so right now it's not a priority. Maybe in a long while, it being on sale, I might pick it up to try. But I'm also not interested in getting any new games at the moment, since I don't really feel like spending on it.