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Went to FA the other day to check out the wider part of the fandom but came away feeling letdown after typing in many basic search terms. I have went there occasionally in the past months to look around as stated above and consider it as an extra place. Sometimes I did find some neat feral pieces but after wading through many themes I'd rather not see in my searches it did not feel personally worthwhile for me.

As far as here since I found a handful of artists over time to follow, its still a decent place to stay at. Yet since I feel the type of work I follow is a small piece of the overall fandom, I just wonder how long that will last over time.

For my own animal work, the members/followers here have helped out throughout the past months. I have heard the saying of keeping the fire burning, and that is true; yet I don't want this site to be the main motivator even when things go alright, so I want to be careful about not overdoing it.

Fandom Etc.


20 March 2017 at 07:47:55 MDT

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    If you don't follow these artists, you may like some of their works:

    I know what you mean the end I left FA because I was bullied and harassed and couldn't stand it anymore. But it's a hard site to be at, I think--unless you are the type that considers yourself a "furry" and you go to conventiuons and have a fursuit and such. The types of fandoms, the way people act towards other fandoms within the confines of "furry" over's really disappointing many times.

    I love nearly all art.................but sometimes I do have limits to what I like in art. I tend to like more traditional works over digital......I tend to like cute over adult. But it isn't always true. Every once in awhile, I really like someone's digital art a whole lot. And sometimes I may like something more mature, if it's romantic or pretty. :)

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      I've faintly heard of a fractured fandom or cliques through dedicated furry podcasts. I know the whole brony thing caused opinions within furry or vice versa (podcasts again). I can see why cons would be fun (but loud) to meetup with people at least if it goes well. A small meeting would be more comfortable like when I saw Telephone walking around one.

      Weasyl has been alright considering I come from the abstract and then still life type art. The animal practice is technically #1 drawing priority with more time into it trying to get it off the ground, but my roots are always in those areas.

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        Yeah.........back when I was at FA--there was tons of hate on the brony population. @_@

        My favorite part of 'cons would be talking to the artists. (It's actually my favorite part of many conventions......comic book and anime ones, as well.) Many artists in Artist's Alley and the like are very sociable and you can share nerdy talk or talk about their art and art style. :)

        I hope you continue to succeed in the art that you want to do! I like it, it's so unique! :D

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    yeah fandom stuff reall depends on the actual makeup of the population in total. if people dont or can't afford the emotional or economical energy to invest in improving relations or keeping community going, stuff gets cliquey.

    hopefully, new generation work and involvement will change the layout of places that facilitate different communities.

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      I hope things stay afloat here at least.

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    I think I can relate at least a bit... Not being much interested in more 'hardcore' areas of fandom, I found FA to be over the top for my personal taste. As you said, "themes I'd rather not see in my searches". (Now, granted, most of my own art revolve around unclothed furry ladies, but that's about as far as I take it.)

    Of course, nobody requires anyone to be on FA, so it would be a non-issue. However, over time I saw some artists I follow to migrate from Deviantart (my main place) to FA. Therefore, I entertain the thought of getting an account on FA from time to time. But - every single time! - I run into something about that site, that makes me conclude "nay, I don't want that".

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      I'm glad to get your take on FA so I appreciate the comment. Some artwork there is really nice for what I'm into, but as the months go by that area feels like its "shrinking" to barely any results. It was more like a backup area if something happened here and not wanting the DA option again.