Ides of March by SilverSheep

In the midst of uploading photos from Ides of March. It was a beautiful Autumn day at Bicentennial Park in Sydney. I am growing more confident talking to people at these fur meets. I made some friends at this one I feel. I took many photos and just enjoyed chatting with people too. The next one is planned for after FurDU and I am glad there is a regular meet in Sydney that is close enough for a day trip. I can go and come back in time to do my dad's medication.

I saw some furries that I hadn't seen before and reconnected with those that I know. I got to meet Normie Nomad for the first time. I got some photos of Flow Fox, Nox and the new red pander fursuiter known as Asha. I chatted with Lord Foxworth, Warbrin and Arti Husky. I even meet up with Tucker who was glad to see me. Kai was excited about my Fackbook posts about the Mardi Gras he must have thought that I was there. I only went to fair day this year so I missed out on it. I liked Diego's photos of Neox with the pups I must admit.

Anyway it was grand talking with furries and just chilling out. I went over to chat with Arti and I joined in on the dancing that he was doing with his music speaker. Trak was there he mentioned he didn't want to talk about work and didn't like his forced promotion. Other then that he settled in for some fun. He even joined in with a video some of the furs were filming. Arti mentioned he was getting a new fursuit made from Critter-scape I believe. So all the photos of his current one will be memories.

The next cool event will be FurDU. I am looking forward to going to the Gold Coast and having a party. A big thank you to all the furs who made a fun event in Bicentennial Park.

Ides of March


12 March 2017 at 03:03:20 MDT

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