*Mission Update - Current Commissions vs Deployment by TwilightSaint


This just in! Some vital intel to supplement my latest Mission Update. Crew, your updated intel is as follows...

-Current Commissions & Deployment Timeline
-Upcoming Comms
-Initial Commission Execution - YCHs, Icons, Smaller Pieces
-Upcoming Artwork - Personal Art

-Current Commissions & Deployment Timeline

As many probably know already, deployment is upon me! If I am not already in established communications with you, as of now, all Commissions are closed.

I will still be answering quotes and general questions. However, be advised, Commissions are closed for at least the next month or possibly two as I continue to get settled into my new routine and establish my work - mission-preparation takes precedence over everything at this time.

I still do have only a few pieces in my queue! What remains is just half a handful, and I can ensure everyone that as of today, all of your Commissions are in progress and I am tracking to have them finished in the very near future! Priorities are mission-work...then current Commissions. Which is why, in part, I'm currently not accepting new pieces into my queue.

I cannot give exact dates /when/ your pieces will be completed, as prior to beginning actual missions, the Squadron has a lot of last-minute cramming that we're all taking care of to ensure a smooth transition with those onsta at this time. Current Commissioners, your pieces will be completed before my 'no kidding' onsta time.

-Upcoming Comms

I am happy to report that I will be in good comms throughout my deployment! I will have access to internet, and am currently looking into some more robust international plans other than the local WiFi.

I can be easily reached via Note/Comment on my main art and social media sites!


This being said, understand that there will be delays if you contact me! I am forward-deploying in a not-so-friendly place, and will be actively flying missions.

If I don't respond to your Note/Comment within a matter of hours or a day or two, I am not ignoring you. I am literally flying real-world missions in a hot zone.

If it's not safe to text and drive, then I don't think it's safe to answer Commission/fursuit questions while I'm doing 400 knots. ;) Gotta be on target, on time, folks.

As always, Notes and direct messages will have priority. That is the best way to reach me - on any of the above art/social media sites - if you have a question. Comments get next tier priority. I will aim to reply to all correspondence within a few days' time. Which, in reality, isn't that much different of a response time when I'm stateside.

(NOTE: I do receive mobile notifications on Twitter, FaceBook, and Amino. If what you're trying to ask or tell me is time-sensitive, those sites are your best bet to DM me! ;) )

-Initial Commission Execution - YCHs, Icons, Smaller Pieces

While I get settled in, I am not planning on taking any large Commission Batches.

Instead, I shall be opening for smaller Batches. These will include smaller pieces such as Icons, Sketches, Badges, etc. I am easily able to complete these pieces, (or multiple of these pieces,) in a short sitting, and ensures I will be able to complete them when I have downtime between flights and mission planning.

I shall also be offering up many YCH Pieces of varying degrees - from full bodies, to busts. Similar to the smaller pieces, YCHs give me a lot of flexibility in being able to take on a larger piece, but when I know I will have ample time in my schedule to complete it.

I'm sure that, as time goes on and I get more used to my rhythm, I may be able to open up for my more typical Journal Batches and take on more, larger pieces. I will be updating Journals frequently!

-Upcoming Artwork - Personal Art

In the meantime between settling in and opening Commissions again, I will be testing my schedule - and the internet providers I'm trying out - with working on and uploading personal art! And a LOT of it! This may actually be the year I do full Reference Sheets for all my characters, guys! Haha!

In addition to much-needed Ref Sheets, I have a huge file, (aka, convoluted aviator-type checklist,) indicating characters and piles of artwork and scenes I want to do for them. It's been a while since I really 'vegged out' on personal work - the last time I did so was prior to leaving for the Navy, which has been a few years already! Despite the circumstances, I'm looking forward to treating my characters with a bit of overdue artwork!

So despite my being overseas, I'll still definitely be reachable, folks! My availability will be more in spurts, however, when I got both feet on the ground, (literally!) as opposed to semi-constant as I'm able to be now.

Time zones are a thing as well, haha. So don't be surprised if I'm uploading new artwork at the crack of dawn your time!

Either way, it's going to be exciting. Definitely an experience I've been told a lot about, and have waited my turn for for quite some time. Deployment always seemed so far off...from my first flight, to getting my Wings, to passing the RAG.

Here's to staying safe, and keeping the skies safe, one G at a time!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Mission Update - Current Commissions vs Deployment


8 March 2017 at 22:18:02 MST

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