Dice Bags Down Under [Commission Stuff] by Lunostophiles

Hey everybody!

So, I'm attempting to fund my way down to Australia for a trip. If any of you have ever gone halfway across the world, you know how expensive the price of flights can be. This has been a long time coming but I really need to make this happen sooner rather than later or my brain is going to explode.

So! Along with a few lump sums I have coming that I will be squirreling away, I have been working on this quick, easy, and modifiable crocheted dice bag pattern. See this tweet for examples:


They're not much. They're not fancy. But it would mean so much to me if these could help supplement the price of a plane ticket. I can make one in a day if I really put my mind to it, so they work up fast.

I'm asking $25 for each, shipping included. I have a whole stash of yarn, but if you want a specific colour you can ask me and I can probably find some yarn to use.

I'd be endlessly grateful if you would help me out. You can respond to this journal, DM me on Twitter, Telegram me, or do whatever. This is just a small effort on my part to go see a very nice, very sweet Australian boy.


Dice Bags Down Under [Commission Stuff]


7 March 2017 at 20:18:41 MST

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