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Texas Furry Fiesta by Goldenwolf

So it looks like I was able to get into the dealer's den at TFF this year at the last minute O_o

I had applied back when they opened for applications last year, but was put on the waiting list. They had an opening, and I was just notified that I am in!

This will be the first Furry con I have attended in ten years, for various reasons (a lot of it has to do with other conflicting shows). I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of my fans, some old friends, and of course all the wonderful creativity of the Furry community!

So I will be in the dealer's den with my prints, t-shirts, key chains, pendants, stickers...all my merchandise, plus some copies of my novel. I will be taking a very limited amount of sketches at the con, which will be first come, first served. Bring your own sketchbook, or I will have my Bristol pad on hand.

Okay, lots to do to get ready for my run of shows this month, and not much time! Looking forward to seeing a lot of you there! :D

Texas Furry Fiesta


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