New livestreaming location on Picarto, follow me there! by Spelunker Sal

I've decided to move on from Tigerdile for the foreseeable future and start using Picarto. Please follow me over there!

There are a few reasons for this. Premium accounts are the same price on both places so that was no problem there. But Picarto seems to just have a lot more to offer in general in terms of layout options and customizability. In addition, many artists I am acquainted with also use Picarto, and so since I was going to have a premium account anyway, I now have the ability to multi stream with whomever I know happens to also be streaming there at the same time. Tigerdile does have the multistream option too, but... I feel like I was one of the very very few people who use Tigerdile. More and more I kept hearing that people never even go on to Tigerdile except for when I'm streaming. I have to guess that it's because Tigerdile is pay-only with no free option to stream like Picarto has.

But, anyway, all future public streams will be hosted on my Picarto page ( ) for the foreseeable future. In addition, all my private stream commissions will be there too (i can make it private with the flip of a switch) as well as my patron-only streams.

As always, please check the stream schedule for when I stream! It is regularly updated so you can bookmark it if you wish.

Stream schedule:

Thanks for following and supporting, everyone! Much appreciated.

New livestreaming location on Picarto, follow me there!

Spelunker Sal

28 February 2017 at 17:59:31 MST

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    Got you followed there now.