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Recent trends in character design? by Firehazard

It's been eight years now since I created Klee Shay, the character in my current avatar. The idea at the time was that she was a mashup of all the character-design elements I felt were overused, or at least as many as I could cram into the same character without it getting completely ridiculous. But a lot has changed since then. Or so I would assume. I haven't been keeping up with the times very well, not helped by spending so much time away from this site, so I'm really not clear on what I've missed.

So help me out here. What trends have you seen come and/or go lately? I don't want to make any fundamental changes—she's still going to be a blue klee kai with pink hair and those little anime floaty wings (is there a word for those, by the way? I figure there must be some Japanese word that anime nerds use to refer to them), but everything else is open to being reimagined. Especially her outfit, which I wasn't especially confident about in the first place.

Recent trends in character design?


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    One of the most galling trends in recent years in western furry art has been turning characters into Bratz dolls. Massively disproportional eyes, hooker lips, tiny waist with huge ass, hooker clothing.

    Please don't do this to any character...