To Clarify ... (RE: FurBQ 2017) by socalfurs

It would appear that there is a Facebook page that has posted an event for Spring. While SoCal Furs encourages all sorts of events (esp great events in our wonderful local regional parks), we feel that we need to make people aware that such a spring event is not being held by us even though they seem to be associating with the name “SoCal Furs”. We can see how the use of this Facebook page, with our name and artwork, may cause confusion for people who have been patiently waiting for info concerning the annual FurBQ*

For those who may have visited our website in the last week, we apologize for the sparse webpage. Our ETA for getting all our great events and website back up is in the beginning of March.

Feel free to visit the Meetup Calendar in the meantime...

*We have attempted to address the Facebook page itself (as it is using artwork and characters that belong to us) but they have not helped us in this regard.

To Clarify ... (RE: FurBQ 2017)


22 February 2017 at 13:15:38 MST

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