Art for art's sake....... by keirajo

Some rambles about art and drawing to round out my lunch hour at work.............

I get into horrible mental habits when it comes to artwork, especially my own artwork. I recently heard from a person (via text and e-mail, since she wasn't sure I had the same phone number) I knew back on FA and haven't spoken to in nearly a year now. She was saying that she missed drawing and hasn't drawn in a very long time.......she's afraid to draw, because she hasn't drawn in such a long time. But it makes me think about my own art, too, even when I'm telling her she should just try to draw consistently for a few weeks, even tiny drawings.

We all get into art slumps............I've been in one for nearly a month now. I've only been slowly coloring old things laying around and I've drawn maybe about 5 new things TOTAL since the beginning of the year. I seriously have to get these three pages of "Lemonade" I have sitting around colored................! headdesk

I get to a point where I get frustrated with myself drawing because.................I have a bad habit of facing characters in one direction, so then I start to feel there's a "sameness" to my work. And then when I consciously try to face a character in the opposite direction.............I feel it's not as good. It looks weird and stuff.

You can't really stop what your brain thinks..............but you should try to keep going, even when you're unhappy with something, because you might eventually break through that barrier. Maybe sometimes you really have to keep drawing in that one direction until you can break that habit.......?

So another thing has been...........trying to do shading/lighting in traditional pieces, mostly. I know my stuff's not realistic, but when I just do flat-colored things anymore--this also feels very weird to me. So I started doing a "flat-color" series with Wabi........partly to get over the thing of doing flat-colored pieces and partly to use my massive amounts of stickers to make fancy new outfits with. XD I kind of hoard stickers and never use them all on letters............! I also got a new little cutter, it's a very small, swiveling it's not as unwieldy as my X-Acto knife. It's been nice to cut the stickers with. I've done two drawings so far and have a third laid out in pencil.

I do have to color those 40-odd things in my digital to-color folder one day. And I had a great idea I shared with Mao about a drawing.............which I really want to do that to. Considering when I have my colonoscopy at the end of the month...............I'm going to have a few days off of work............? So it might be a time to get some of that stuff done. And maybe get some art mojo back??? laughs

I think mostly I should just matter how you really feel about your own art, the best way to evolve or accept your stuff is to just keep doing it until you're finally satisfied at where you are. Because if you give up because you're unhappy with your art--you really won't be able to improve your art. It's easy to say "I'm not drawing until I feel better"...............but when it gets to be weeks or months or years since you last drew something--then your fear is "what if I can't draw anymore?" and that is a really horrible fear to have! @_@

Art for art's sake.......


17 February 2017 at 11:35:59 MST

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    I can honestly agree, especially since that is something all artists face.

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      I don't think you should stop drawing, even when you're unhappy with your process or product. If you stop for too long it could be hard to come back and then art isn't even fun anymore. Just keep drawing. :)

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    It takes awhile for me to do the animal ideas, pure abstract or something real comes across clearly. While the animals have to go through a sequence. I tend to have favored facing directions too.

    I think its great you still do things with art. So yeah the lengthening of time into years without drawing much is a strange experience its like you want to do anything except "draw". But I can understand their feelings about starting the system up again. Tiny drawings add up and do help a lot without feeling like a project, so that is a good suggestion.

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      I think so, too. Just work at it a little bit. I told my friend that I think her skill is still there, but she should just try to draw again, even if she thinks the first few things aren't very good. :)

      I really like the uniqueness of your art, it's special and I've never seen anything else like it. :D

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    I once went in to a portfolio review to attend an art school (back when I was touring to see where I wanted to go). They gave me the strangest complaint I think I have ever heard. "All the drawings here are facing the left." And he said it with such conviction that it made it seem like that was the only problem he had. There were other things, sure. And that school was a bad fit for me anyways. But since then I had looked through my entire gallery to see how true that was. It was pretty much a 50/50 split between left and right. It just so happened that the pieces I brought in were most all left-facing. It really irked me, you know? The sheer odds of that coupled with him even caring. If the artwork is good then it shouldn't be a problem. Just so long as you don't get into a cycle of ONLY doing it then you will be fine. He also said that the drawing of a cheetah in a dino costume destroying a cardboard city was "unrealistic" and showed me a series of prints about mounds of earth with faces and how much better it was. Sooooo. Maybe he was just crazy? Dunno.

    It is a real issue that can happen, getting into a habit. Whether that be facing things to the left or just not drawing for some reason or another. Habits can be dangerous or helpful (or so helpful they are dangerous!). Not drawing can become a habit, one that can be really tough to break. But if you are afraid of breaking it then you better start because that means you care ;)

    Just keep at it and you will form new habits. Whether they are good or bad that will be for you to decide. But I will support what you decide to work on, personally :D

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      You should have told him it was a Metaphor for our futile struggles against existence and reality.

      But the all facing one way thing I discussed below. While I can't say he was in the right, I can say that he only had a limited collection and it must have stuck out to him. Likely it's a trap he has fallen into himself so he is on the lookout for it. Or he's crazy. Probably a little bit of A, little bit of B.

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      I've always thought of it as...........I draw with my right hand, so I don't like to "crush the face" when drawing. So I think that's why my characters all face left. I'm not.............crushing their faces when I draw them. XD It seems to be humans where I have the most problem of trying to "face right".............but I'm going to try and break through this stuff and start doing more variety. At least last year I said "more backgrounds" and I accomplished that. So I can do it! :D

      Thanks so much for your support............and your story as well. :D It's an interesting story.......I think some professional types have in mind what they consider "art". I had a high school teacher who thought animation and comic book art wasn't "art"........and that was something that hurt me bad at the time, because I wanted to do animation. My counselor kept putting me in his classes and I wound up leaving high school and giving up art entirely for nearly 10 years. Things like that are why I want to make sure people never give up..............especially if they want to and like to do it. :)

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    The thing about always drawing something one way must be an art thing. Cause it bothers 3 about his work too. He feels it isn't dynamic enough.

    But it is based in a reality. Because when you do only draw things a certain way, you may learn that way really well so that anything you draw in a different way won't look as good, because, realistically, you aren't as good. You have more experience with one way. Also drawing things in lots of different ways helps you grow and improve because you learn the anatomy better :D I know you've been loving those pose dolls and I think they will help you grow as an artist for sure.

    Also. I cannot wait for that picture we discussed I think it will be epic. It may push your boundaries but I think it will turn out well because you love the idea so that will show in the work!

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      I know I get into a rut..............and I think every artist does. Stay in your comfort zone and "draw good" or break out and feel you haven't "done your best". It's so hard. Like I said above, I think part of my mentality is "right-handed" and "don't crush the head" while drawing. I never think of the bodies, just always the head............not sure why I don't like moving my hand over the head in a drawing. One of those weird mental things to break through. chuckle I hope that LessThan3 can get through his stuff, too.............because he's an amazing artist. :D

      I think the pose figures help a lot. It's nice to see how the arms are, especially. Arm position and hand...........always a not-so-strong point. Unless it's a chibi..........I can draw chibi everything. XD

      I have always wanted to do a D&D-ish picture, so I'm glad I made the suggestion to you...................I think it'll be lots of fun! :D