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More bad news about my country? by Ognimod

The Internet service in Venezuela has been failing constantly these latest months, and not too long ago, CNN in Spanish was banned from basic cable. This has lead to a rumor that the government is slowly but surely getting ready to shut down all Internet access to silence their enemies. In my house we believe this can't be the case; they would likely prevent access to most websites, but not all. I don't believe they will be shutting down any of the government's websites; I think they're far more likely to get rid of anything but those.
I know I've made journals in the past about impending doom coming down on the country which seems to never actually do so, but who can tell if any of it is true or not? Better safe than sorry.

If any of the two scenarios happens, I hope they shut down which was a news and opinion pieces hub favoring Chávez, but which has lately hosted quite an amount of criticisms against Maduro's rule from the left-wing itself, and this in turn has them singled out as some super-secret stateless fascist traitor hideout. There is a chance that they won't stand for having their closest thing to a reliable official source messed with, and they'll let it know.

More bad news about my country?


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    I wish you luck that the worst won't happen.

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      Thank you. <3

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        You're welcome. :)

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    I just HOPE that isn't the case.

    And if that DOES happen, and if you haven't tried this yet, try immigrating, to the United States, or Canada. (I've heard, that Canada DOES provide free health insurance, to the citizens! That's where their government PAYS doctors and such, for that.)