Still here! Lets Talk about a Comic by SorenKisamora

Hey there once again! Still around here-even if I constantly forget to keep my Journals posted and up to date. My fault of course..

In any case December was rather slow. Got Sick, dealt with that but it annoyingly slowed my work for awhile. Having those Booty drawings [which are posted now] since September was dragging on my mind for quite sometime. Luckily that is taken care of! Leaving me to once again think of various and random things I want to draw. Notably I have a White Mage girl, and an Imp Herm I want to get created. I also have plans to possibly give Sera a new Fur Pattern to make her look less like a Common Fox before I head into an idea I have...

SO, I had this Idea recently. I want some sort of project that allows me to try a faster, less complete Art style but still allows me to keep getting out more images for myself and my peeps. As such I thought of something i've wanted to do for a long time but either didn't have the time, patience, or characters for it-a TF Comic. The idea being to make a Series of Stories, all loosely related, that Focus on Sera Kisamora and her ventures on Testing Various devices and gadgets that Soki Solutions creates. I haven't really planned anything out for it yet in full but as I stated the Comic's emphasis would be on me changing my Line and coloring style to be much more Rough in order to have a chance to explore different techniques without having to stop content Posts.

While the first Story/ Chapter would be more of an example one and Focus on Sera and Eva, Stories after that could involve me offering to put other people and their OC into the Comic free of charge so that I can have additional practice with differing characters. I am nowhere near that stage in this idea though so While I am looking for Feedback and General interest on this Idea I am not Currently looking for any Volunteers. One step at a time after all!

We'll see how things go when we come to that. Until then though i'm of course Always Open for Commissions! Hopefully can get some more before my July Convention this year but we'll see how things go!

Still here! Lets Talk about a Comic


14 February 2017 at 14:56:02 MST

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