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Public Apology by valeriaaki


By no means was my intention to “run away” with the money. I swear.
I did not touch it, not even a cent as I stated in the rules: I will not use the money until I finish the commission so in case something were to happen I would be able to refund you.

I feel ashamed. I never thought I'd be so irresponsible, never crossed my mind. You have every right to be mad at me. I was weak.

I would like to apologise to all of you, my commissioners, hoping that someday you all will forgive me. Sorry.

My intention was to finish the commissions yet my life was a mess, I was slow and my anxiety was lurking in the shadows. It ended in failure.
Since my Grandmother’s death everything started to decay. More funerals including my Grandfather's, lies, debts, health problems, university problems, etc.
Just this past summer I exploded, it was a living hell that I don’t want to experience EVER again. Every day was horrible, so horrible just thinking of it to write these words scares me.
I wanted to end it all, to disappear. In the end with my family’s help I recovered enough to try to put my life in the right path. Sadly, a situation like this won’t let you go unscratched, I suffer from memory loss (?), I can’t recall events in my life that should be important. I believe is something that I got from my depression and eventually will remember.

The last thing on my mind was drawing.
Just recently I found it in me to start with this hobby of mine once again thanks to some friends but it’s still hard…

I’m not ok but I’m feeling better and I want to end this once for all. Here’s what I thought:

Just send me your paypal email and what you paid via mp, also I’ll send you whatever I draw of your commission (almost/half-done or sketch) unless I never started it

There’s another option
If you want your commission to be finished, we can negotiate half the price and a time limit. It’s up to you.

As for the trades. If you did your part and gave it to me back in the day, send me a mp with what you wanted or want right now. If we have a pending trade but never started it I’m sorry I have to call it off (if you didn't do it already on your own)

Sorry for all the problems I caused up until now

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