Update - Patreon/Queue Winding Down/Deployment by TwilightSaint


UPDATE - 08FEB2017-19FEB2017
-I have a Patreon! Pics, WIPs, Commission Opening pre-announcements, & more
-Current Queue Winding Down - Out of Town Training
-Upcoming YCH Pieces & Next Commission Opening

-I have a Patreon! Pics, WIPs, Commission Opening pre-announcements, & more

It's about time I officially announced this! A couple weeks ago, I set up a Patreon page!


Before ANYONE ASKS, I will not be limiting content that I typically post on DA, FA, etc! I have loads and loads of fursuit pics, outtakes, WIPs for upcoming pieces, and traditional art that I rarely post in my main galleries of even social media sites. I'm also offering some 'tiers' featuring things like custom choreography for dances, being in a dance video with me at a con, and getting your toe in the door for a custom piece EVERY MONTH for you! The piece ranges from a headshot to an Epic Scene, and is determined by the amount pledged per month.

I'm also planning on whipping up some pay-to-use linearts, (full bodies, headshots, waist-up, chibis,) of various species that folks can pledge for. I've also been branching out, looking into custom products, so those will be available as tiers once I get them set up!

Things are a bit quiet there for now, but once I get these custom products and especially once this current queue clears out and I have lots of WIPs to post for my next one, things will be picking up quite a bit!

As I said, this won't be limiting my typical frequency and quality of posts on my main galleries. It's a way for me to show folks what's going on behind the scenes, limited quantity products and projects, and offering some extra-spiffy, cool things for supporters!
Thanks to the folks who are currently Patrons, and to anyone else who is interested!

-Current Queue Winding Down - Out of Town Training

My current queue is nearly completely wound down now - only a small handful of pieces remaining, two Epic Scenes and the remaining pieces from my latest Lightning Round. The two Epic Scenes have priority, after which the remaining pieces will fly by.

I was aiming to have every piece complete last week, however I was selected for advanced training out of town for all last week. I ended up being busy all day every day there, and was able to hop on my tablet a whopping two or three times just to post things, meaning no progress on the queue! Good news is, it was just a week, and it's good to be back in town.

All I can say right now, is that ALL pieces are sketched and ready to be polished up as soon as I've free time! And so far with the progress I'm making, I'm /really/ happy with these pieces so far and am excited to share them! It's really making my hand and heart ache to work on more epic, full scenes of beautiful characters in their element, so y'all can expect some slots for character-showcase-type pieces in my next opening!

-Upcoming YCH Pieces & Next Commission Opening

On the topic of big, full character scenes, I absolutely loved sketching the pieces in my current queue, and have been on a bit of a sketch hurricane! I have a pile that I'll be polishing up and making available as YCHs in the near future!

And on that note, I'll likely be making most larger pieces available as YCHs - posting and taking them on when I'm able - as opposed to multiple slots in a big batch. I am planning on opening up for a batch here in about the middle of the month, but am planning on keeping it on the smaller side now, mainly for Icons, some Chibis, and Sketches. I already have a couple Ultimate Refs lined up and those folks will be contacted when my current queue is complete, and on top of those, I'm deciding to not add many more to my plate currently.

Why keeping big pieces limited and keeping batches on the smaller side? Well, there's this little thing coming up called...


Yep, it's that time. For folks who've followed me over the past few years that I've been Active Duty, it was only inevitable that this would come around sooner than later.

I am not at liberty to discuss the details on when I'm leaving, where I'm going, and when I'm coming back. If you ask me those questions, I will not reply.

What I CAN say is that I will most likely be back in time for MFF 2017, so that will be a 'triumphant return home' con, if I can call it that!

What I CAN ALSO say is that I will still be active online! Yes, I will be overseas, yes, I will be conducting missions, and yes, I'll still be in a place where I have internet access. I will still be around, posting any updates I can and any pics of traditional sketches and fursuit pics I've still got saved. And also-



While I'll still have access to the internet, it is still to be determined if I'll have enough time in my schedule to take on Commissions! To be completely honest, I'm 99.999999% sure I'll be able to, although they'll be limited in size of openings, which actually means shorter wait times for those who snag a slot...
But right now, I'm just planning on being busy while there, (obviously, doing the Navy thing,) so am just letting folks know what's up in case I get super busy!

I will most likely be offering up smallish batches with small pieces, (Icons, Chibis, Badges, Sketches,) and then posting YCH pieces and Lightning Rounds for larger pieces when I find times where I'll have free time in my schedule. So not unlike my upcoming batch and YCHs I'll be posting! More or less, I'm getting myself into the swing of things ahead of time, and making sure I don't have a huge queue RIGHT before my plane rolls.

In among the Commissions I'll be able to take, I am honestly really excited to work on personal art. It's been a while since I've done a personal piece, so even if my schedule is too piecemeal at times for me to offer up Commissions, I'll still be posting some Epic works of my characters!

I'll be updating a lot more as the time for me to roll draws near, and will also be posting updates similar to this Journal regarding my schedule and openings!

Friendly reminder that I post way more sketches and fursuit pics on my social media sites! You can find me at these places:


Questions, Comments, Concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Update - Patreon/Queue Winding Down/Deployment


8 February 2017 at 17:34:46 MST

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    Welcome to the suck! Hope you have some fun while you're out here!

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      Haha, so far so good, I'm happy to report! Long flights every day, but I got free Wifi and a 24/7 galley across the street - I can't complain! XD