Character Development Week 5: Kat! by Zaezar

Jade was fun to work on again. She needed it pretty badly too! It was nice to get asks for her and to explore various things. But we need to move on, the challenge demands it! Specifically, we need to move on to Kat. Like always, I can only draw her this week and I cannot draw something that I have before. The challenge starts Tomorrow (1/29/17) and will end on the following Saturday (2/4/17). Any and all questions for her will get answered throughout the week!

Random info dump, as usual!

  • Kat is only the most original of names for a tiger character of course. Though its literally because she didn't have a name before she met Bell and his family. A joke kinda stuck.

  • She was a slave for most of her life working on a rich mans mansion cleaning and doing housework. It wasn't great living conditions.

  • Now-a-days she is very shy but friendly. She won't trust you forever but once she likes you enough you should expect tacklehugs. And expect them often.

  • Doesn't consider anything "hers" except for a rare few items and she treats them exceptionally well.

  • Has a lot of childlike wonderment about the world as a whole.

  • Fears the rain. To the point that she doesn't go outside if she thinks it is going to rain that day.

Plenty more to come. See you around this week :D

Character Development Week 5: Kat!


28 January 2017 at 21:41:42 MST

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