Give a badge, get a badge! by GlaringFeline

Hey, there's a really neat group you all should join! ConbadgeExchange has pages on both FA and Weasyl and the group is absolutely amazing. It is open to all skill levels, and is very organized. If you didn't get a badge for that month, there is nothing to worry about, as group members are very good about adopting members that didn't get one.

I've been a participant on the Weasyl one for about a year, and I fairly recently joined in on the FA one too. I love it so much, and it helps keep my gallery activity up. Everyone is just so chill. It's very open and I haven't come across anyone that is elitist here or on FA.

The Weasyl one has been pretty much the same people, and I want to see more diversity. I want to see more users joining in on this; you only have to draw one conbadge a month for the site you signed up on and you get a badge in return.

The link to the Weasyl CBE is here:
The FA CBE is here:

Give a badge, get a badge!


24 January 2017 at 12:45:49 MST

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