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Phew, it feels good to be back! Not saying that I went anywhere, per say, but it's good to be back to having enough time in my day to sit down and write a Journal!

UPDATES - 08JAN2017-22JAN2017
-Board pass, qual get! Level up!
-Back to art, no holds barred!
-Upcoming Openings & YCH Pieces

-Board pass, qual get! Level up!

To those who follow me on my social media platforms, you've seen some scant updates about a big qualification I had recently. And it was big, alright. One of the reasons I've been fairly MIA was just due to the fact that, following the Holidays, (over Xmas of which I was doing way too much traveling and it was impossible to get ANYTHING done UNTIL New Year's when I had an absolutely amazing time with friends!) I literally spent every single day in the books, studying material, drawing diagrams, you name it. It was tedious, to say the least.

But apparently the tediousness was worth it, because I passed the qual! It's definitely a big step and I've 'leveled up' in my aviation community with it. Now with this behind me, I can finally start working toward my next big qual, the BIG one that really matters, and with similar material to how I earned my actual Wings, so I have some background in it already and knew I was good at it, to boot. This qual will be longer down the line, but it feels good to have nothing between it and I now.

-Back to art, no holds barred!

As you can imagine, busy Holidays, studying for a board, literally everything came second - running errands, personal activities, and art as well. I was lucky enough before the holidays that I still had some pieces to get to folks, and lucky to have had some time to post those so those commissioners could get them! Otherwise, I had just hit a big 'pause' button on my queue.

So now, with the qual behind me, I can FINALLY get back to working on art! I'll be taking a mini-break from the books before I begin studying for my next events, (gotta let all this information soooooak in,) over which I'm looking forward to doing ALL THE ART, ALL AT ONCE.

I seriously feel a big artistic backup - it's been too freaking long. Hell, even over det this fall I had more time to work on art. I'm really looking forward to totally unleashing this built-up artistic energy!

So, CURRENT COMMISSIONERS. My goal is to get everybody's pieces done before the end of January! Yah, that's right! Folks from my Second Fall Commission Batch who've been waiting longer get priority, of course, and folks from the recent Lightning Round I took on FurAffinity, (the Bugs and Wyverns Batch,) will be completed after those pieces.

Folks from the Lightning Round may have pieces pushed into February, and the reason I'm saying that is just to anticipate any big flight events I'll be put on. We have quite a bit in my squadron to finish as we ramp up for deployment, so there may be some busy periods as they try to pull in personnel to complete events, and I'm not excluded from this.

-Upcoming Openings & YCH Pieces

So what's in the future then, after I finish this current queue? I've been getting loads of questions about these, so my next opening is going to have a few slots for Reference Sheets! It will include both Build-Your-Own and Ultimate Refs.

I'm also going to open for more Epic Scenes! I love working on these bigger pieces, and think they're among the most fantastic pieces in my galleries. And after working on loads of Icons, my heart pines for drawing huge, strong dragons and creatures unleashing fire and fury upon their foes... Just big, majestic scenes!!!

I may also open for smaller Batches in between larger ones of species-specific and piece-specific openings as well! These will range from Chibis, to Badges, to Sketches.

Something I also want to kick back into high gear are Your-Character-Here (YCH) pieces! The pose sketches are a great warmup, and it's always awesome to see a quick sketch transform into an awesome piece of a rad character! I'll be offering these up for more dragons, of course, and things like Busts, and maybe the mythical Anthro YCH as well! If anyone has anything specific they'd like to see as far as YCHs go, feel free to drop me a line!

Questions, comments, concerns? Comment here or Note me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Back in the Saddle! Art & Life Updates!


12 January 2017 at 11:53:02 MST

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