is anybody out there ? by DARKZADAR

i was wondering if there was any one interested in my art here , or should i just go inactive ? please , if your out there , let me know. thank you for your time,if you read this .

is anybody out there ?


10 January 2017 at 22:51:04 MST

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    I'm here. What is it?

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      i am just seeing if there is anyone here who likes my art or not if they are positive comments on faved pics of mine would be nice to see , but , if no one really cares thinking of just going inactive and stick to d a ib and f a .

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        I'm still having you, on my watch list. And honestly, I LOVE your artwork!

        But for personal reasons, as soon as I visited InkBunny, I had a bit of an uncomfortable vibe there, (not because of any "explicit" content, because I never bother with such stuff; I was sticking STRICTLY with the SFW stuff) and for reasons that I don't feel like explaining, I'm not going there. (No offense.)

        As for FurAffiinity, from last I've heard, it's staff members seem more trustworthy, and therefore, I feel MUCH more comfortible there, than I did, with DeviantArt. The only part of it I was EVER harassed at, was the forums, but I managed to report the jerk who did this to me, and then delete my account. But at LEAST FurAffinity doesn't have some features, that REQUIRE a SUBSCRIPTION, in order to access commonly used features!.

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          i joined up here because others where doing so, i thought i might find others here with similar interests , but ultimately i guess not seeing there is no comments or watches besides yours ^^

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            Well, try working on more drawings, in addition to other art specialties you do, to be put onto Weasyl, before any other site, that you go to.

            It's a nice idea, because, Weasyl itself, actually has plenty of potential, and makes a GREAT backup, for an art website! I would HIGHLY recommend going here, any day! It also seems quite nice, here!

            I believe this website is HIGHLY underrated, at the moment. That is where I came here, because, in order to try and attract more watchers, I came here, and found out, about the basic idea, of this website.

            This is ONE art website, that, since it's very nice, I'm staying!

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    i do at times try to put different art or different versions of my art on separate sites so im not posting the exact same thing on all sites ^^