No more music. Focus on costume design. by grawberry

So I've taken down all my embarrassingly horrible music. I enjoy listening to it, but it clearly does nothing for anyone else. I think it was way too personal and way too raw/amateur. My new focus is going to be on crafting and sewing. I've got a couple projects I need to complete this year, and I just need to learn to manage my time with this new year.

While I'm all about food prepping now, I need to make a plan that allows me to work on crafting. I also need to work out more for what I have planned.

Anyway, I'll update profile info later, but I'm going to focus on cosplay now. Music is too personable, and I guess that just doesn't work for me. I'll play guitar still, but I will take a break for the foreseeable future from writing my own music. Time to get myself some ears and stuff.

No more music. Focus on costume design.


7 January 2017 at 21:21:37 MST

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