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Here's the gist; the reason it's been so long since a new version has been released is because I switched languages. I just couldn't couldn't get the RAM usage as low as I wanted in Java so I'm doing in on C++ now which means rewriting all the instructions for connecting with other sites. And for that I'm taking my time by having my own XML, HTML and JSON parsers to my liking to make work easier.

Also It will have a new name and logo that I will reveal when it's released. And I will be reworking my patreon for that and other similar sites I've discovered.

Things to expect on the next release or later ones:

→ Get notified when someone mentions you
→ Ignore users
→ Reposting submissions
→ Rich text editor for descriptions and literature submissions
→ Simple builtin browser for adding accounts, enhanced privacy and quick account switching
→ Manage multiple accounts in the same site
→ Modability features (it is already modable but it will get mod management)
→ ARM server version for use in lightweight home servers such as Raspberry PI
→ Streaming interface - both stream and announce on the same in one go
→ Upload work files directly (.psd, .kra, .ora and maybe others) and have the program convert automatically to the proper format and your size of choice for uploading
→ Cropped thumbnail creator
→ Schedule submissions
→ Filtering messages and submission feed
→ Automatically linking users' multiple accounts (reduces redundant notifications of the same artwork being posted in multiple places, and allows better linking when writing descriptions on submissions)
→ Description templates
→ Keyword autocomplete
→ Importing/synchronizing galleries
→ Editing submissions

Also I want to have some form of commission management, but I haven't figured out how it would work yet.
To have something to show for have a screenshot, showing the filter interface:

Now here's a few questions:

  • Would you be interested in watching dev streams for artwatcher and other apps?
  • Which site(s) do you most want to use it for? Since I'm going to have to port things the next release, it should only have 4-6 supported sites initially, so I'll take than into account.
  • Are you interested in it for following artists without having to check multiple websites, for the uploading features, or both?

Also I'm going to have something else interesting I'm finishing out, I'll talk about it when I later.

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7 January 2017 at 13:03:25 MST

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    Steam: I enjoy watching streams for this stuff though of course, i dont always have the time to do it.
    Sites: I'd suggest FA, DA, WZL, SF, IB, FN
    Interest: I quite enjoy all the feature's you had on your previous versions. It is really nice to have a single hub to check everything and also be able to upload to all. If i had to chose one over the other, the multi site upload is the primary feature i'd be interested in because cross posting to all sites by hand is time consuming, especially if you post -everywhere- you can. (I started "retiring" sites i use and someone forwarded me to a list of multi upload apps/sites and yours had a LOT of really useful features. More then other sites. That's why i reached out :3 )

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      Nice! I'll see if i can arrange streams at times, tho I don't think that I can make a decent stream whenever I feel like, often times people would be watching me write code and be wondering what the numbers and gibberish output is supposed to mean XD

      Tho I'll have to say FN support might not show up so soon, the site is really quirky in how it handles pages and has no public documentation, so it won't be as easy to implement as most other sites will. While sites like FA or IB are so simple I often use them to test features (as the simplicity leaves fewer room for error) I have yet to figure out how to even authenticate to FN

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        Aha this is true. I find writing and coding streams are more entertaining when you can interact with the coder/writer BUT i know that it can be hard to write/code and interact at the same time and get anything done XD

        I totally understand about FN, yeah. I've seen a few places add it to their upload apps/sites but i have no idea how they did it or weather or not FN staff is approachable for documentation at all. Hopefully one day but it's totally not a need to have it. It just seems to be up there with the site popularity so it seemed like a good suggestion :)

        Cuuurious. I've been giving your Classic version a shot but noticed that a couple of the sites don't connect anymore and it looks like it might just be the http vs https difference in the URL's. I'm curious if there is a way i can fix that on my end, since i know you aren't maintaining that version anymore. (If not, no worries! I just had friends curious about your app and was giving it a test go to show them what it does and how it works for different sites. We can totally wait for the new version, i was just curious enough to ask :3 I don't expect anything to come of my question XD )

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          That is due to changes in the site that no longer allow it to authenticate or to have it functional. Since most of them do not have APIs that means it needs to emulate a browser. Thus, depending on the change, the program is no longer able to interact with the site.

          And even if FN is complicated it's doable, it's not the worst offender. If deviantart didn't have an API, I would just say screw it, it's just ludicrously overengineered

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            Aaaah okay. Never mind then!

            Aha yeah XD