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Updates! New Album/Convention attending/Commissions by Woofle

Happy New Year everyone! Figured I'd post a little bit about what all's going on, and why things have been so quiet! Sorry I've been slow to reply to everyone. It's' been a very busy few months!

New Album Released

As some of you know, I've spent the time between my other jobs and commissions working on a sequel to 2014's Planet Aloha album. It's been a long time in coming (I had no idea how many of you really liked the first album! :o!!!) but it's finally out, and you can listen to it, or pick it up here: NEW ALBUM: AGOLI 5 OASIS
There are many callbacks to Aloha on this particular album, and I really hope fans of the first album will dig this one, as well as fans of 80s music (especially sophistipop, my main inspiration for the album!)
Enjoy it, and if you like it, please buy it and support my work!


I sort of fell off updating my last journal, but I ended up getting so much work that I've only just now finished with everything! I'll be able to post a few of 'em in the coming months hopefully! Thank you to everyone who commissioned me! I really appreciate getting to make music for you.
I'm going to open up commissions again at the beginning of February in full, although I can take a few small/short ones during January. If you're interested, note me!

Convention attending

Just a quick heads up! I'll be at Further Confusion in San Jose, CA this month, and later at PAX South, in Texas, at the Galaxy Trail Booth. I've never been to any sort of convention before. XD So this is all new to me. Hopefully it's fun! Let me know if any of you are attending either.

ECO Patchnotes

These past few months have been very busy, although I did manage to re-tool episode 7 finally, and episode 8 is in progress.
Here are episode 7's patchnotes.

*Re-inserted an image by Cainethelongshot that was lost in the old draft! Really glad to have that back!

*"Townie Scenes" re-added. In these scenes, the POV character (usually Verse) engages in conversations with other group member characters. These not only add back in elements of world-building that were lost when they were scrapped, but also corrects some character arc trajectory issues experienced in the last draft.

*Thought-text-windows added for the scenes where Verse is the POV character. Only a few passages were selected for the time being, as doing this for every single thought would be distracting for readers.

*Party icons added

*Fixed Lyrikos' dialogue to better reflect the Karina arc in season 1, which had mostly been removed in the previous draft. This brings Karina back into the story in a more prominent role, and also expounds better upon her rocky relationship with Verse, and their predisposition for disliking one another.

*Fixed Verse's dialogue in the dream sequence to better reflect her feelings and general character trajectory, as well as the narrative flow of Lyrikos' arc.

*Fixed Xan's dialogue to better reflect his reasons for returning to Dascillia. This whole section should read a lot less janky now.

Updates! New Album/Convention attending/Commissions


5 January 2017 at 22:29:48 MST

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    Congratulations on the new album, and enjoy FC! I still need to get my head out of my ass... I have a lot of ideas and I'm working on some things but there's never enough time... Add to that work has stressed me out so it's harder to find a good time to practice and learn the stuff I need/want to... But I'll figure it out. Anyway, I still need to read your stuff. Did you ever send me an email so I can send you some things? :) The animator I'd planned on using is currently stalled, I apologize for not having things more under control but arms flailing Kermit style is how I am lately. I can barely keep up! Never mind getting ahead!

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    I LOVE Agoli 5 Oasis! Have been listening to it every day!

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    Oh, I just saw that you've never been to a convention before! Furry cons are the absolute best, so I hope you have a great time! Remember to wash your hands a lot, take bathroom breaks, and sleep at least some hours.

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    SUPER LATE, but I just got finished listening through Agoli 5 Oasis and I had so much fun phantom humming with familiar motifs. I got so excited when the last track played and then I checked the name and it was Whiteout because "oh hey, is this... YEAHHHH IT IS"

    Keep up the good work!