A look back on 2016 by rowedahelicon

Could you imagine if I just wrote "Aaaaa" or something?

But no. This is my look back on my 2016, note how I say "my". This year has generally been regarded as a crummy year for most everyone in it. We've seen a good number of great influential people pass, we've seen unstable situations across the world and the escalation of needless wars and problems. I'm not going to talk about that because it's all something we're experiencing together yet differently.

2016 is just a number, it is not an entity out to hurt us or some evil omen, but we use years as milestones for our lives and the events that happen inside of them. And with that, I'll share my 2016 review.

1.[Good] Despite starting off the year sad, I had a good time with friends and family, and immediately took a day to visit Vermont to see the sights!
2. [Good] Later on I'd go to see Zootopia (3) times in (3) days! One with a friend, and one with the Vermont furs group! Then finally back home with my family.
3. [Good] Speaking of Vermont furs, I got a chance to visit and attend a series of get togethers hosted by the Vermont Furs group. They're all absoutely lovely people and I had a great time with them all. This only pushes my motivation to move up there even harder.
4. [Good] Now that I have a car, I've really enjoyed being able to just ... go places. Do things, help out with errands, it's rewarding. I overcame my fear of driving and got my license last year but I haven't felt any less alive while driving.
5. [Good] Speaking of driving, I went on my very first road trip this year! Me and two of some of my best friends went on a trip to Anthrocon! I drove us back and forth the whole way, it was amazingly fun and an experience I cherish greatly.
6. [Good] All of the cons I went to this year were awesome! FWA, Anthrocon, Connecticuticon and Furpocoylpse. Great times with great friends all around.
7. [Good] In my work and art it has been good too, I feel my skills have gotten a lot better than ever and I've been a lot more focused on my work and studies.
8. [Bad] Now onto the bad...I did spend a lot of this year pretty lonely and stuck questioning a lot of bits and pieces of myself.
9. [Bad] I was so shit with relationships this year, I was only in a few of them but they didn't really turn out so good. I learned a lot about myself and what kinds of issues I have when it comes to trying to connect with people on a personal and romantic scale.
10. [Bittersweet] Following a problem with a relationship and a bout of self-esteem issues lead to a sort of "intervention" with family on trying to get me to see a therapist. I was very stubborn about it but eventually broke down. I consider this bittersweet because I hated exposing the fact that I wasn't doing so hot to family, but ultimately therapy helped. I was able to make enough to keep up with the co-pay and eventually apologized to a number of people for never having gone before when they suggested I do so.
11. [Bittersweet] In therapy, I was able to work on anger issues and anxiety issues. I was actually diagnosed with an anxiety thing which was news to me as I was unaware of the signs and symptoms. The bright side is I may not be crazy like I've always thought. The downside is that my fear of having some sort of mental illness is not unfounded. But on the bright side I was able to demonstrate that I can at least keep myself together so it's not a super huge concern!
12. [Bittersweet] I've run into some drama with "Friends" this year, but patched up problems and rebuilt friendships with others.C'est la vie.
13. [Good] I've been taking better care of myself too, been feeling significantly healthier too.
14. [Bad] I still am riddled with depression and the problems that come with it, but I've been a lot better at handling it.
15. [Good] I'm back on Furaffinity, thank you, Dragoneer.
16. [Good] Lots of new friends this year, great people and potential good times ahead!
17. [Good] While politics have been CRAZY this year, I take solace in the fact that my interest in them have allowed my dad and I to get along better. I feel he truly treats me as an equal intellectually now.
18. [Good] SCG has gotten a lot better this year! More activity and a lot more stuff going on!
19. [Bad] A lot of this year has generally been an emotional rollarcoaster. While problems with friends have been infrequent, the complexity of the problems that have occurred have been way more than I can handle at times.
20. [Good] I'm still alive.

I'm sure I'll think of more that I missed later on, but oh well. Despite everything, it's still me. I love all of my friends and will always continue to do so.

I'm sorry to anyone I've hurt this year, either unintentionally or unaware I've done so. I'm ready to continue on adventures with you lot all the same!

My resolution? To pay off all of my debts and get into a flow to where I can actually breathe for a change. If my heart connects with someone else's next year that'll be lovely, but I won't force it.

Someone help me
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A look back on 2016


31 December 2016 at 14:15:02 MST

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