2016 for me... by Ghostfox91

...was nothing but crap for me. And I have a lot of stuff to say.

Bad: It all began when I lost my internet in February. And at that time, I couldn't access FA or Weasyl or even PSN. But that's not all. Me and my dad worked for someone who was "connected" to the film industry, but you want to know the shocking truth? That person was a total phony. A fraud. We worked there for a few months and none of us got paid. We also created this radio show that talks about gaming and technology, but unfortunately never took off due to the person's fraudulent nonsense. Not to mention that he stole some of my father's ideas. Then months later, I got a job, but it only lasted for 10 days. I at least got some money out of it. But spent it all on movies and food. My mother's father passed away and my grandfather had an aneurysm in his heart which was dangerous. My father's been finding people to fund some concerts and events, but unfortunately, most of the investors he finds just backs out.

Good: I got a lot of trophies playing games. As of now, I have 3 platinum trophies on PSN. The radio show is still going to happen, but will be announced soon. I have a few episodes of the show on YouTube. I drew a lot of Extinctioners related stuff. Mostly involving bathing suits. And I got a tablet to draw stuff. My father has been meeting these people who are connected to the entertainment industry. And that is a plus. I've been listening to this college radio station and it provided some very good music.

So there you have it. It was mostly bad for me than good. I said that I was going to leave FA but I reneged on that plan. And my father is still having trouble earning some money because the investors just back out and I think that they do not know anything about the entertainment business.

What's 2017 going to be like? I don't know, but I have a feeling it will be bad due to obvious reasons.

2016 for me...


30 December 2016 at 17:04:04 MST

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