My friend needs help PLZ READ!! by Jasmine Robotnik

so i saw this post on my friends facebook .I really want to help buy a commission to help her kitty, but i cant. so the least i can do. is help spread the word. We would appreciate it if you did to, please. THANK YOU

facebook link:

This is a post for those who like illustration, comics, fanarts, fanfics or have written works that needs revision or even english translation - and last but not least, for those who, perhaps, like cats and others Animals!
My Cat Napoleon, in the last two years, you had to do: a three surgeries to remove a piece of the bladder, another for penectomy and a third to reopen the canal of the urethra which was closed.
Unfortunately, today I took him to the vet again and there's his odds need a fourth surgery, I hope that you don't need to.
In the meantime, with surgeries, appointments, tests, medicine and everything else, my mom and I have spent some 6.000 real with Napoleon. Until now we handled ourselves with our economies, but now... we really need help.
Although there is no confirmation of the need for a new surgery, Napoleon needs to take meds to recover. In addition to consultations from time and times and, for the rest of my life, eat dog food special.
As these last three months have been difficult for me in terms of free Lance, I'm opening this post to say that I offer work with comissions and general services of writing and revision. For those interested, the link to my portfolio (
Who wants a pretty picture of your favorite character, or even want me to write a fanfic with their favorite characters, just call inbox! Below, a table of approximate prices:

Comissions (Non-commercial illustrations)
Black and White 1 Character (NO BACKGROUND)-10 real
Black and White 2 Characters (NO BACKGROUND)-15 real
Black and bank 1 Character (with background)-20 real
Black and White 2 Characters (NO BACKGROUND)-25 real
Colorful 1 Character (NO BACKGROUND)-20 real
Colorful 2 Characters (NO BACKGROUND)-25 real
Colorful 1 Character (with background)-30 real
Colorful 2 Characters (NO BACKGROUND)-35 real
Comissions with more characters, black and white or color - to combine
Illustrations to combine commercial

  • P.S. - illustrations will be delivered in digital format, by e-mail in high resolution. For illustrations delivered in paper, the buyer will also commit to the values of shipping and mail.Fanfics until 5 thousand characters-5 REALFanfics Above 5 thousand characters - to combineRevision of text, translation English-Portuguese / Portuguese - English, beta reader, creation of commercial road map - to the combine.Anyone interested by the services just call inbox. Thank you immensely! Who order and pay for one of the services will receive a health status of Napoleon, including tax bills from the vet and everything.Who can't order the services, thank you for in the same way and ask to share this post.Thank you!

My friend needs help PLZ READ!!

Jasmine Robotnik

29 December 2016 at 19:24:19 MST

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