Another newbie on site (oh dear!) by Reixma

Well, I've actually been registered on this site for nearly a year but not done anything really, which is a shame but typical really...

I came here from DeviatART (DA) as I was starting to get fed up with how things were over there. Starting to take a more 'Social Network' vibe which wasn't really settling well for me. I signed up to DA 9 years ago and it wasn't far off from what Weasyl is like now, hence why I came here. Reminds me of the old ways.


I am still getting used to this site and still getting lost on it. I have yet to work out how I can use it and work with it. This isn't the only place I am trying out. I'm looking at Wysp to see how that works for me.

I do hope to do more photography and more drawing, but I've been saying that for a while so we'll see!

Anywho, if anyone reading this wants to let me know what they think of this site, that would be great. I'd like to settle down again onto a good site and get inspired again.

Thanks =^_^=


Another newbie on site (oh dear!)


28 December 2016 at 13:53:21 MST

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    The site itself is a bit quiet but it does not feel overwhelming either with a flood of images etc. I found uploading or organizing the gallery to be a pleasant experience. And if you feel like removing a work you can with no questions asked (was on DA years ago and always remembered having to check a box why something was being removed).

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      Hi, Thanks for the comment! I have noticed it's quieter, which does remind me of the 'olden DA days'. I have found the folders easy to set up once I found how to do it. I know removing or even hiding work can seem like an interrogation. Not sure why! It's nice having to think of what you want to look for and going off to find it unlike being flooded as you say, with images. You don't feel quite so forced here. I could end up staying I think!

      Thanks again ^_^