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Merry Christmas! & Commissions Update! by TwilightSaint


Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it today! I hope everybody, regardless if you're celebrating anything or not, is having a safe, wonderful end to their 2016!

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a happy winter!

And in the meantime, a gift of sorts for Commissioners! After a slow start coming back from my month-long det, I'm happy to report that all pieces have been sketched up and are ready to be finished once I hit the ground running! I am currently out of town, (actually have been for a bit over a week,) and ended up spending more time than expected with my cousins and their kids. I've been having a great time, but as you can imagine, I couldn't exactly sit down for prolonged periods of time to work on art when there were children running about. :P

But here on Christmas morning, as we're waiting for folks to arrive for dinner, I managed to snag the past couple of hours to finish up all the sketches for the remaining pieces in my Second Fall Commission Batch. :)

I do have a pretty big event I need to prep for shortly after New Years Day in regards to my aviation qualifications, but after that's all said and done, I'll be spending some MUCH NEEDED personal time to wrap up everyone's commissions! I'm also happy to report that that will be just on the tail-end of my estimated completion time as stated in the Second Fall Commission Batch Journal!

And another big thank you as well to everybody who had placed calendar orders! To my knowledge, most have already arrived before today! For folks OCONUS, yours will just take slightly longer. If there's anyone out there who for some reason or another did not see the Journal entries I was posting taking calendars, if there's enough interested, I may reopen for another batch of orders in January.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Merry Christmas! & Commissions Update!


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