Trades//Vent (Not offering) by DevilsWish

Just to make sure, I am NOT offering trades, just venting about them.

I am a person that will do trades and finish my side within a week.
I know life happens and that people can't just pump art out.
I have an 'acceptable' policy for trades where if you contact me and tell me you cannot finish you half I'll pardon you.
Meaning you keep what I drew and you have no obligation anymore to do your half.

I have done trades for like, 5 years now and been cheated out of art so many times.
I get annoyed easily if people do not contact me about a trade for weeks, after a month I like to pop in and see what's up and let them now they don't have to as long as they tell me and that I am in no way upset just that I would like an update or something because being cheated out of a trade sucks without communication.

I once did a trade and MONTHS passed when I contacted them about it they yelled at me for stressing them out and that they will do it, that I have their word and literally five seconds later moved accounts and blocked me and commented on me being a bitch.

Like okay, could have just said you cant do it, I woulda been fine with that??

Also. NEVER say a trade is free.
A trade is not a free art fest. It's not a request. You made a deal with someone to give them something in return for their efforts to give you something.

To say its free is like shrugging it off like their art means nothing to you, all that time, effort they put in was for nothing. It's rude to say that.

A trade should be taken the same as a commission because in both cases someone is giving you something hard earned for something else that was hard earned. That is NOT FREE.

Trades//Vent (Not offering)


24 December 2016 at 14:59:48 MST

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    force them to do their part first, easy, if they refuse, then let them know theres no deal in return if they dont comply with that rule

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      I could see how that can be easy, but I'm not the only artist that's been cheated and others might want my side first for the same idea then no one would do trades loll